Best Game of Thrones Gifts for Fanatics 2017

If you’ve ever thought about what life might be like in Westeros, you’ve come to the right place! If you’re looking for the cure for Greyscale – not here (sorry King of the Friendzone- sir Jorah). BUT! If you’re looking for the best Game of Thrones gifts fanatics, especially for the upcoming season 7, you’ve indeed come to the right place!

But agree with us when we say this:

After seeing how some of our beloved characters died, if we had the chance to live in the savage, war-infested GoT world, it would probably be wise for us not to.

Luckily, you can bring some GoT in your life now without shedding blood. Here’s a list of the perfect gifts for any Game of Thrones fan (p.s. we saved the best for last):

16. Game of Thrones Season 1-6 Blu-ray



If you’re a hardcore fan- creme de la creme, this is for you. Feel and experience the thrill, gore, and violence of GoT in the comfort of your own home. Binge watch all seasons 1-6 again on Blu-ray, feel the thrill and sorrow of watching your favourite character die again or prevail. If you haven’t watched GoT yet- you need to start asap! It’s the best TV show for a reason!



15. Game of Thrones Book Set


If you’re unhappy with how some of the show trailed off from the book, have a read, sharpen your mind like Tyrion does. Maybe some of your characters will live in this universe- and you’ll probably meet some that’s never been mentioned on the show. This bestsellers includes A Game of Thrones, A Clash of Kings, A Storm of Swords, A Feast of Crows and A Dance with Dragons. As every single person who’s read the books would say: the books are always better than the TV show, right?



14. House Stark Tournament Banner


Alright, let’s be clear, if you’re a Arya or Sansa fan (or Jon Snow? ;)), rep up house stark with the Stark banner when you gather your friends over for the Season 7 premiere. Starks won’t be sitting on the Iron Throne without your support. This is the perfect gift to hang in your room or college dorm. You can also be a weather(wo)man by timing this gift for in autumn, jus sayin’. If you’re not a Stark fan but prefer to back your girl Cersei, here’s the Lannister Banner. Now if you’re all about Daenerys Stormborn, First of her Name.. Blah… blah Queen of Andals, Mother of Dragons (jeez imagine if she ordered Starbucks), here’s your Khaalesi’s Targaryen House Banner.



13. A Game of Thrones- The Board Game, 2nd Edition


Yes- a Game of Thrones board game actually exist, and this is one of the most popular. Okay, if you’ve ever played or enjoyed board games and you watch GoT; this is it! Invite up to 6 of your friends to claim the Iron Throne. Claim it through warfare, diplomacy and intrigue- if you’re a Cersei fan- or wannabe, you’ll probably choose the former.




12. Game of Thrones: The Trivia Game


How well do you know Game of Thrones? If you’re a real fan – you best have this and scoring 100% on the season 1-4 trivia. Who is Littlefinger and who does he really love? Who is the greatest swordsman in Westeros according to Jamie Lannister? How did Sandor Clegane get his scar? If you can’t answer these, relinquish your title as a hardcore fan as you know nothing.


11. Clue Game of Thrones Board Game


If you love CLUE and Game of Thrones: This is it! Treachery and betrayal runs well in Game of Thrones and also in this thrilling board game. Solve the mysteries in The Red Keep or in Mereen. Also.. Littlefinger has always seemed suspect- just sayin’.



10. Risk: Game of Thrones Board

RiskgameofthronesboardgamevoaIf you know how fun Risk is, and combine it with your favourite show, what do we get it? Blessing from the Old Gods and the New! Up to 7 players can attempt to claim the Iron Throne with their respective Noble House families. Will you be claiming the throne with the Targaryens or the Lannisters? Risk it all for the Iron Throne!



9. Game of Thrones Monopoly Collectors Board

monopolygameofthronesvoaCombine the home wrecking classic of Monopoly with some Game of Thrones and we get? Pure awesome! This is the elegant and unique edition of Monopoly, we get 6 oversized hand sculpted tokens (Yes- you can be a White Walker), also the tradition house and hotels of Westeros, community and chance cards renamed to The Iron Throne and Valar Morghulis AND some sweet Gold Dragon Themed money- Daenerys would be starstruck seeing these dollar bills.


8. 4D CityScape Game of Thrones Puzzle


This is a perfect gift for hardcore fans or newcomers to GRRM’s savage world.  Build yourself a 4D size of Westeros. You’ll get to explore King’s Landing to Winterfell and Casterly Rock, and much more. You can probably take into perspective how big Westeros is and maybe understand why Gendry is taking so long (or his sweet time rowing).




7. Game of Thrones Premium Glass


We are pretty sure you or your recipient can relate to this. Even better for hardcore Tyrion fans, “It’s What I Do, I Drink and I Know Things”. Every time someone gets killed in GoT, raise a glass- but learn from Joeffrey and check for poison before. If drinking wine or beer ain’t your thang, here are some sweet Game of Thrones themed coffee mug. Have your caffeine intake while repping House Targaryen or Stark.


6. Ice Letter Opener

gameofthronesiceclawletteropenervoaNed would be proud of you for choosing house Stark. To be fair this 9 inch mini replica is not made of Valyrian steel, so probably not the weapon when the white walkers are coming. However, it will give you a reason to open up your junk mail. Warning: Bills are coming!




5. LongClaw Letter Opener


Perfect desk accessory! Not the real version but you’ll receive 9 inches of pretend LongClaw. Open up your letter from Sam telling you all about his journey to the Citadel. And you can also name your letter opener, because lots of people name their swords.




4. AleHorn Hand of the King Bottle Opener


Ever wanted to be hand of the king? If you’re starting off GoT or watching Season 7, you’re gonna need some ale to help you through it. Pop off the cap like a King or Queen with this AleHorn Bottle Opener. With this you’re also Hand of The King and your next advice should be not to go wild boar hunting. If you’re opening bottles without this- you know nothing.





3. Funko POP Daenerys Figurine

POPdaenerysvoaIf you don’t collect Funko POPs, these are great excuses to start. Want Droggo as a pet dragon? Here’s your chance, and while you’re at it scoop up the mini cute version of Stormborn Queen Daeneris. If you’re not rooting for her to sit on The Throne, you can pick up the POP version of Cersei or the hinted Prince who was Promised Jon Snow. If you’re not into the stars, you can always pick up the King of the Friendzone: Jorah Mormont.



2. The Iron Throne Mini Desk Replica


If you can’t muster up an army bigger than Stannis’ but still want to sit on The Iron Throne, we found you a less bloody alternative. Here’s the mini 7″ version, of the sold-out 14″ version of the throne where Robert Baratheon used to chill. Any GoT fan would love to have this sitting on their desk or shelf. Please don’t actually try to sit on it though.



Obviously, we saved the Best Game of Thrones Gift sFor Last:


1. Game of Thrones: Dinner is Coming Grill Apron

DinneriscomingapronvoaWe are still in mid summer- so winter is not coming anytime soon. Gift this or rock it at your next barbecue to show GoT some love. Made with some premium cotton and adjustable strap and the Stark logo on it, you would definitely be King of the Grill- and your memorable line would be: Dinner is coming. Also it comes in cool packaging- just saying.