8 Best Mango Flavored Snacks [2018]

8 Best Mango Flavored Snacks [2018]


Mangoes are known as the king (or queen) of the exotic fruits, and rightfully so! They have plenty of healthy benefits, including fiber, potassium, Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Folic Acid (see this study). Not only that, but mango infused desserts and drinks taste absolutely delicious! We’re sure fresh smoothies, ice cream and even just raw mango are amongst some of your top snacks, but unfortunately fresh mangoes are seasonal, usually only available in the summer season, and likely not year round.

Luckily, we made a list of the 8 Best Mango Flavored Snacks in 2018. These snacks are year-round and perfect for mango lovers.

P.S. mangoes also awesome for lame puns.

1-Health Warrior Mango Chia Bar


Health Warrior Mango Chia Bar is jam stacked with healthy plant-based proteins and the antioxidants that will help to keep your body healthy.

These are perfect for anyone on the go, especially for breakfast or afternoon snacks. Each bar consists of about 3 grams of plant-based protein, 4 grams of dietary fiber, 1100 mg omega 3 fatty acids and 5 important antioxidants. A single bar is only 100 calories.

For active and health conscious individuals, the most awesome thing about these bars are that they are soy, dairy, and gluten-free. They have been manufactured with all natural ingredients including mango and the superfood chia seed extracts that your body will thank you for. If you haven’t had the chance to try these, pick up a box! Each box comes with 15 individually wrapped chewy Mango Chia Bars. If you’re a mango lover or fit freak, these are the perfect mango snacks for you! Check it out: here.

2-Terrasoul Superfoods Organic Dried Mango Slices


Terrasoul Dried Mango Snack is a perfect if you love having mangoes year round. Terrasoul is reputable in the superfoods snack industry for their quality, lab tested ingredients and value prices. These organic mango slices are grown on a small, sustainable organic farms. The mangoes are harvested when perfectly ripe and hand sliced, while dehydrated with low temperatures to achieve a soft and chewy flavor. This careful process allows the mangoes to keep their natural sweetness and quality flavor, while maintaining a lively color and nutrients without having to add sugar, sulfur dioxide or preservatives. Terrasoul mango slices will have you feel like you’re eating mangoes directly plucked from their organic farm. The Dried Mango comes in a 12ounces pack. This product has been certified organic, gluten-free, Kosher, Vegan and non-GMO.

Terrasoul is family-run business that sources their superfoods only from the highest and freshest places. They are also committed to paying their growers and employee a fair wage. So, not only will this product make you feel good, but these dried mangoes will taste amazing. To make things sweeter (pun-intended), Terrasoul is so confident in their quality and taste that they offer 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee. They really stand behind their Dried Mango product and will offer you a 30-day money back guarantee. There’s a reason why these dried mangoes are amongst the most popular on Amazon, see for yourself here!

P.S. If you’re into spicy, check out these chili dried mango by CHIMANGO.

3-Peeled Organic Mango Snacks


If you love mangoes, hiking, and mid-day snacks, grab yourself some Mango Peeled Snacks. Enjoy the sweet and tangy flavor of this mango snack. These dried mangoes are organic, non-GMO, USDA certified, and gluten-free. There are no preservatives or sugar added into the mangoes. Because they are purely dried without the use of preservative agents, so it’s recommended that you finish the pack right after opening (not that it’s a problem for you). These mangoes are peeled and dried under proper conditions to ensure that true flavors and colors will be preserved during the dehydration process. The producing company developed strong partnerships with the reliable farmers and suppliers to provide the best quality mangoes.

A box comes with 10 packs of individually wrapped pouches containing about 1.0 to 1.4oz of dried mangoes. Every pack of deliciousness packs only 130 calories while providing a good source of vitamins and minerals. Check it out here.


4- Keep Healthy Chocolate Mango Bars


Agree with us when we say that chocolate and mango are two of the best snacks in the world. Now combine them together and we have something entirely special: enter Keep Healthy Chocolate Mango Bars. This creamy dark chocolate covered bar with tangy mango flavor will take you on an exotic mango flavored journey.

Keep Healthy is committed to natural, healthy and organic ingredients. There are no artificial preservatives or sweeteners, so no dyes, or high-fructose corn syrup. These bars are a made with dairy-free chocolate that coats over deliciously dried mangoes. They’re vegan-friendly, kosher, non-GMO, and gluten-free, making it healthier bite for everyone. Not only that, but the bars include important sources of calcium, iron, protein, fiber, and potassium. Each box comes with 16 individually wrapped bars. Each bar contains just 132 calories and the main ingredients include just good-old chocolate and dried mangoes. Find it here.


5- Sahale Snacks Mango Tango Grab and Go


Sahale Snacks are some of the most popular nourishing dried nuts and fruits. The Mango Tango Almond Trail Mix includes whole roasted almonds and peanuts, chewy, delicious and uniquely sweet mango with a hint of chipotle chili and tart lime. Sahale Snacks doesn’t skimp on quality, all their trail mixes are non-GMO verified, kosher and they don’t use any artificial preservatives or flavors: you get the real thing. Inside this Mango Tango mix, you’re getting premium Californian almonds that is dry roasted to perfection without the use of oil. Not only is Sahale Snacks committed to quality ingredients, but they are also committed to the communities. Sahale Snacks is constantly looking for ways to aid and promote the communities, while empowering growers and diminishing environmental footprint.

Each box comes with 18 convenient packs of 1.5 ounce (42.5g) of a mix of mango, almonds, peanuts with a kick of chipotle chili and lime. Find it here.



6- Natural Sins Crispy Mango Chips


Natural Sins is not kidding when they say they are natural. These crispy mango chips only have 2 ingredients: mango and sugar cane. These dried mangoes chips are hand picked from the pacific crest regions and are cut so thin, you can almost see through them. These tropical fruit chips are baked to crispy perfection, so you can enjoy the crunchiness of chips without the unhealthy regrets. They are certified non-GMO, Vegan, Kosher and Paleo-friendly. If you’ve never tasted a Costa Rican mango, this is your chance! Tuck those chip bags under your couch and pick yourself some mouth-watering mango chips!

This brand of Mango chips is hard to find in supermarkets (they’re made in Costa Rica) , so pile up while they’re in stock. A bag comes in a serving size of 28g and contains only 92 calories. A single order comes with 6 bags. Grab these non-potato chips here.


7- Kasugai Mango Gummy Candy 


If you’re into sweets and love mango snacks, you probably already knew this would make it on the best mango snacks list. If you’ve never heard of these mango gummies, they are by far one of the most popular mango gummy brands. Made with real fruit juice, these soft and chewy mango candy will leave you wanting more after every piece. The only downside is that they are made in Japan, so finding them in your local supermarket might be an issue. However, they are in stock on Amazon.

Every bag comes with about 24 individually wrapped gummies. It’s gluten-free and every 3 gummies contains around 130 calories. There’s also an alternative brand to Kasugai, that are arguably just as delicious (and slightly cheaper): Cocoaland Mango Gummies.


8- Hi-Chew Mango Fruit Candy


As a child, if you’ve ever been to an Asian supermarket, you’ll definetly find HiChew brand in the candy section. HiChew is one of the most popular candy brands in Asia. These candies are soft, chewy (as their name implies) and more importantly delicious! What’s unique about these are the distinctive creamy texture and flavour, its on a league of its own. Pack your stuff folks, cause a single chew will bring you to mango paradise. The only thing we’d recommend watching out for is addiction, these are so good that you won’t notice binging through a whole block.

Every order comes in a box of 10 packs. Each pack contains 10 pieces. You can also find them in international supermarkets. If you, or your friends haven’t tried these yet- pick some up, they are sure to impress. Grab these here.

If you’re looking for homemade mango recipes check these recipes. Here’s another one from Huffinton Post.

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We hope you enjoyed this list of 8 Best Mango Flavored Snacks [2018]


7 Best Caffeine Snacks for Coffee Addicts [2018]

If you’re tired at work, pulling an all nighter, running a marathon or you’re a cyclist, this list is what you need to see!

We made a list of the 7 Best Caffeine Snacks for Coffee Addicts 2018: it ranges from coffee-flavored snacks, to caffeine jam packed gum you can get right now.

Is it even possible to live WITHOUT coffee? 

We’ve all had that painful moment when we miss our morning coffee because we’re running late for work or we’re forced to take those dreadful early classes (9am classes should be outlawed).

Agree with us when we say: that coffee is the 9th wonder of the world, and to make it better, in moderate amounts, caffeine actually has healthy benefits. Caffeine can boost our memory, improve our mental functions and decrease fatigue (see this study). But in some cases, caffeine can boost blood pressure, so if you’re unsure how much caffeine you can handle, check with a professional.

infographic (2)

Every once in a while you wanna skip having coffee breath, or you just don’t have time to get that much needed caffeine injection cause you’re stuck in the office and painfully trying to make it past noon.

Low energy begone! Here we go:

Best Caffeine Snacks for Coffee Addicts 2018

If you’re looking to get that morning jolt, and coffee just doesn’t sit well in you within the first work hour, here are some awesome caffeine loaded snacks that you didn’t know existed:

1. Better than Coffee Energy Bars


If you like coffee and chocolate, this is what you’ve been waiting for! This energy-packed bar loads 100mg of natural caffeine per bar. The revitalizing energy is definetly different than your typical coffee or energy drink. Other notable natural ingredients include Guarana and Maca. Guarana was long used for stamina and energy and the Maca is used to increase mental clarity and reduce stress. You’ll be enjoying some clarity for a good 2 to 6 hours without the crash. To make things better, it’s natural tasting, gluten-free, non-GMO low on sugar, low sodium, high protein and vegan. The low sugar gives the bars a more subtle and some bitterness taste- so the perfect snacks for adults, or those trying to adult.

A single bar only packs around 100-110 calories and weighs 25g: 5g of protein, 8 net carbs (carbs less fiber). Definetly one of the most popular coffee-alternatives bars available on the market today making it on top of our list of Best Caffeine Snacks 2018.

Better Than Coffee Energy Bars comes in 4 flavors: Dark Chocolate and Coconut, French Roast, Dark Chocolate and Raspberry, and Dark Chocolate and Mint. Find it: here.


2.PROBAR Bolt Organic Energy Chews


If you’re looking for an energy boost that’s small and compact, have no fear, Bolt Energy Chews are here! Perfect as a coffee substitute or as a complement when you need the extra energy. These chews come in box containing 12 packs. A single package contains 2 servings of organic, non GMO, and gluten-free energy chews. Each serving loads 20mg of caffeine derived from organic Yerba Mate (natural leaf that contains caffeine), electrolytes, organic superfruit blend of Acai, Blueberry and Pomegranate, complex carbs and B Vitamins. These are perfect for the gym, marathons, hikes and biking!

Each serving (30g about 4-5 chews) contains no fat, 24g of carbohydrates and just 90 calories. Stock these at work as an afternoon snack, or in your car for your commutes.

PROBAR Bolt Organic Energy Chews comes in 3 flavors: Berry Blast, Raspberry and Strawberry (Strawberry doesn’t have caffeine). Find it: here.


3.Military Gum Chews


Imagine having to work military hours, waking up before the sunset, doing exhaustive drilling throughout the day and missions to ensure the safety of the country. Well, there’s such thing as energy gum, and these ones are backed by U.S. Military research for 6 years. Introducing: Military Gum Chews, designed to provide energy for military and security agencies. They even ran scientific experiments and The Walter Reed Army Institute of Research and The National Academy of Science both concluded that caffeinated military gum chews were an effective way to sustain vigilance and alertness during military operations (see the study here). Your office environment may not require as much physical performance as military personnels, but when you need to quickly improve mental alertness, thinking and physical performance, just chew on one of these. Unlike waiting for your coffee to kick in, Military Gum Chews begins to work instantly through oral absorption. A single chewing piece will deliver 100mg of caffeine, equivalent to a cup of coffee. So if you can’t stand the coffee breath or it just doesn’t sit well in your stomach, pick up a case. These are also perfect for early commutes, morning jogs, marathons, hiking and physical activities, they are compact and light enough to slip in your pocket. A tray comes with 24 packs and contains 5 pieces of Military Gum Chews per pack and each piece packs 100mg of caffeine, equivalent to one cup of coffee (that’s 5 cups of coffee in just a pack).

Military Gum Chews comes in 3 different flavours: Mint (most popular flavor), Spearmint and Cinnamon. Find it: here.


4. Viter Energy Caffeinated Mints


If you’re a fan of mints, Viter Energy Caffeinated Mints are a must! These are by far one of the best selling caffeine mints in the market today. They are loaded with 40mg of caffeine and B-Vitamins per mint and work fast thanks to sublingual absorption. Just pop two of these and you’ll nearly get the same caffeine intake as a whole cup of coffee or energy drink, without the nasty coffee breath, and instead some minty feeling giving your mouth a clean feel. The little tin is uber convenient, just keep it in your pocket, at work, in your car or take it with you to have that extra energy in your next marathon, hike or gym work-out. To make things even better, Viter even offers 100% money back guarantee if for any reason you don’t like the Energy Mints, just return them and they will refund you every penny- that’s how confident they are in their product.

This product is made in the U.S. and each tin contains 20 minutes (the equivalent of about 10 whole cups of coffee). These energy mints are 0 calories, kosher, vegan, gluten-free, lactose and dairy-free, aspartame and sugar-free. Each mint contains 40mg of caffeine, Vitamin B-6, Folate, B-Vitamin complex of niacin and Vitamin B-12.

Viter Energy Mints come in two flavors: Wintergreen and Spearmint and are available in single tins, 6-pack (popular choice), or 1/2 LB bulk bags. Find it: here.


5. Energems Chocolate


CHOCOLATE! There we got your attention- and to sweeten things (pun-intended), Energem Chocolate is also laced with caffeine. Not only will these bite-size chocolate supplement you with energy- they taste absolutely delicious! These will give you a reason to skip the coffee line (saving you some time- and some good breath). Easily increase your focus, energy levels and concentration with a single serving. Each gem contains Vitamin-B, Vitamin D, L-Theanine, antioxidants and is only about 15 calories! 3 of these contain 133mg of caffeine – the equivalent of a large cup of coffee. One whole serving already contains 400 UI Vitamin D which is 100% of the recommended intake- so you get all your Vitamin D in one go. Chocolate definetly has to be somewhere on our list for Best Caffeine Snacks 2018.

Energem is committed to quality ingredients; they’re made in the USA, and contain no artificial flavours, colours or preservatives. They are hard-coated with the choice of three flavours: Dark Chocolate, Mint Dark Chocolate, and Berry Flavoured Dark Chocolate. Each bottle contains 21 Energems, that’s the equivalent to 7 large coffees. Find it: here.


6. Dry Brew Coffee Chews


If you’re addicted to getting your caffeine through coffee but just can’t stand that morning line, Dry Brew Coffee Chews got you covered. Before we go any further, the taste is definetly strong so we would recommend this to hardcore coffee lovers only. There is some light sweetener, but if you require sugar and some of that sweet stuff in your coffee- skip this. This was designed for coffee lovers with active lifestyles who are always on the go, no time to sit and sip. A whole 6 oz cup of coffee is condensed into a single coffee chew. This way you get with the same caffeine without missing out on the natural coffee flavour. What makes the bold taste so distinct is that Dry Brew holds a patent for Flavourful Waterless Coffee. They have a unique process of condensing the ingredients of a 6 oz cup of coffee into a chewable form.

To keep it real: Dry Brew uses three simple ingredients of conventional coffee: real coffee with natural caffeine, zero calorie sweetener and non-dairy cream. Every chew contains 35 calories and an eye-opening 65mg of naturally derived caffeine. Find it: here.




CLIF BLOKS is the official sports nutrition sponsor of The Ironman North American Series. That should say it all. If you’re looking to get the boost needed to make it through an all-nighter, a marathon, a triathlon or a heptathlon (yes-this actually exists),  CLIF BLOKS has you covered. These were made to please you taste buds, while delivering the energy you need to get achieve peak performance. What makes these special is that they were meticulously designed from packaging to its taste. CLIFS BLOKS easily fits into your pockets, not to mention backpack and is convenient to open so you can easily squeeze a cube out midway into your marathon.

Each SHOT BLOKS are made easy to chew with its semisolid design, packing only 33 calories while delivering energy to your body through carbohydrates. Each three-cube serving contains up to 50mg of caffeine (depending on the flavour). For the extra energy, the caffeinated flavours are orange (caffeine: 25mg), Tropical Punch (caffeine:25mg) and Black Cherry (green tea derived caffeine:50mg). The Black Cherry flavour also contains electrolytes to support proper muscle function, that way you won’t be cramping mid-way in your activities. To make things even better, CLIF BLOKS is made with organic ingredients. It’s recommended to take this 15-30 minutes prior to your activities in order to increase blood sugar levels, and then every 20-30 minutes to temporary maintain higher blood sugar levels.

SHOT BLOKS are available in a variety of flavours. Orange, Tropical Punch and notably, the popular Black Cherry flavour pack caffeine. This is the perfect energy food to pocket for endurance requiring activities such as hiking, cycling, marathons or sports. For those that don’t feel like chewing, CLIF has designed liquid gel SHOTS that you can easily and quickly take during your activities. You can check them out here (shots contain up to 100mg of caffeine):

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If you’re a diet hard coffee fan, you can check out these recipes. If you’re looking for natural caffeine source that’s not coffee, find a list here.

We hope you enjoyed our 7 Best Caffeine Snacks for Coffee Addicts [2018].