8 Best Candies from the 90s [2018]

8 Best Candies From the 90s [2018]

The 90s were truly some golden years. Unfortunately, a lot of the best inventions aren’t around anymore. This is a dedication to the good ol’ 90s. If there’s one thing this list should do is to make you smile by bringing back those nostalgic feelings. Remember when baggy pants were a thing? Do you remember your favorite childhood candy from the 90s? Remember when biking to the park is what we did after school instead of laying in bed texting now. Back then the BackStreet Boys were the most popping band? Good times…Here’s a sweet list of 8 Best Candies from the 90s that you can get in 2017.

1. Fun Dip


Remember these? Getting them for Halloween would be the highlight of the tricky-or-treat runs (this or an actual sized candy bar). As a kid, if you had these at school, you would automatically be worshipped and everyone wants to be your friend. You would distribute the fizzy powder bit by bit to your classmates while adding a little extra more to your secret crush.

Fun Dips come in raspberry, apple, and cherry flavors. If you’ve never had the opportunity to experience these as a kid, here is your chance! It probably make you popular in college or at work, but at least you’ll know what these taste like. The party tray comes with 48 assorted Fun Dips. Find it here.

2. Gushers


Who remembers trading their whole lunch, and tomorrows lunch for these? We probably all envied the one kid who was blessed enough to have Gushers everyday.

It is a delicious on the go and lunchtime treat that you can enjoy anytime you like. It has some of the amazing natural flavors. Little did we know, Gushers are (now) gluten-free with no artificial flavors added. It also has some vitamin C. Try and think of a kid who hasn’t eaten a gusher. If you never had the chance, as a grown up, here is your chance to make up for missing out. There are 90 calories per pouch, so try not to binge. Find it here.

3. Ring Pops

RingPops.pngWhen we hear Ring Pops, all we can think about is our childhood. These jewel shaped suckers would definetly be in a slide show of the 90s. Back then, we could find these at every corner store, now times have changed…Luckily, these are still around! You can search around supermarkets or order a bunch here. There are 40 individually wrapped Ring Pops in a box, with a variety of unique flavors and colors. Find these candy rings here.



4. Airheads


Agree with us when we say that nobody hates Airheads and these are definetly one of the best candies from the 90s. . These sweet and chewy flavored candy sticks were perfect for Halloween, parties or piñata stuffing. They were also awesome because you could easily rip off a piece and share it with your friends (if you’re into sharing). Even today, Airheads are (still) nut-free, gluten-free, low-fat and doesn’t contain any “Big 8” allergens (no milk, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, soy, fish, shellfish or wheat), so everyone can enjoy them. There are 60 individually wrapped regular sized Airheads in a box and comes in a variety of the classic flavors (orange, cherry, blue raspberry, grape, watermelon, and white mystery). Two sized bars are approximately 120 calories, so try not to eat the whole box in one sitting. Grab your Airheads here.

5. Starbursts


Starbursts are an absolute 90s classic, and are definetly some of the best 90s candies. Remember the days when you would eat all favorite flavours first then be stuck with the ones you hate (yellow), we sure do. These were probably everyones first fruit chew candies. Treat yourself with some mouth-watering juicy Starbursts, just like the good ol’ days! There are no artificial flavors in these sweet and chewy candies, plus they’re gluten-free. A box includes 36 single There are 36 single packs of Starbursts. They include the amazing original flavors: orange, lemon, cherry and strawberry. You can find a box here.

PS: You can make plenty of other cool things with Starbursts (like Starburst cupcakes), check out this link.


6. Nerds 


How can you ever go wrong with a box of Nerds? It’s like eating crystallized rainbow bits that taste like your awesome childhood memories. These candy nuggets would always make our lunch that much better. No matter how many vegetable sticks you needed to eat, Nerds would always make them worthwhile. Perfect treat for parties, trips, Halloween and candy buffets.

All the ingredients used in the manufacturing the candy are natural. Every box comes with around 100-130 little nuggets (yes, people actually count them). They’ re available in delicious lemonade wild cherry and strawberry flavors. Comes in approximately 3lbs box, in other words, you’ll have unlimited Nerds. Find it here.  Alternatively, you can grab the bigger Rainbow Nerds boxes here.

7. Push Pops


Push Pops were originally made in 1986, but it’s safe to say that only the 90s kids remember them. One of our biggest joy was pushing that cool mechanism that makes the candy come up, remember that?

These are pretty expensive individually and rare at local stores, but if you buy them in bulks, it gets significantly cheaper.  There are 24 posh pops in a tray. It comes with 4 flavors: fruit mix, watermelon, strawberry and berry (the classic ones). These are perfect for kids birthday parties. A single Push Pop is around 70 calories, but like all sweet-filled candies contains quite a bit of sugar, so don’t try to finish the whole box in a day. If you’re looking for the rarer cotton candy flavor, you can try your luck here. You can find the Triple Power Push Pops here.

8. Pixy Stix

Pixy Stix.png

Who remembers the fizzy taste you get after eating these? When we were kids, we wondered what the heck was in these sticks that made them so addictive. It’s pretty clear in hindsight, it’s flavored sugar. If you’ve never had these before, they’re similar to Fun Dip. These are still around but not as common as their golden era in the 90s. Pixy Stix comes in a pack of 85 candy powder filled straw that come in the 4 classic flavors: Maui punch, grapes, orange, and cherry. There are no artificial flavors and each straw packs around 45 calories. Great throwback candy to bring to a Halloween or birthday party. If you’re looking to buy for parties, you can find a bulk case here.


9. Cracker Jacks


These aren’t exactly candy, but they were equally, if not more addictive and are worth a special mention. These good ol’ caramel coated peanuts and popcorns will definetly bring you back to memory lane, back to simpler times when our only worries were making it home from school on time for our favorite show.  There’s a surprise inside every pack. These are definetly something you want to bring to a high school reunion party. Grab them here.



Other memorable Best 90s Candy that will give you the childhood vibes.

Jaw Busters




Tootsie Rolls


Lollipop Swirls

Swirl Lollipop

Laffy Taffy


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We hope you enjoyed our 8 Best Candies from the 90s [2017] list. Is there a favorite 90s snacks that you particularly miss?

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