How to Start a Tutoring Business in College [2018]

If you’ve read our guide on “25 Best Ways to Make Extra Money in College [2018]” then you’ll notice that tutoring is one of the best ways to make extra cash while in college. Benefits of tutoring include flexibility (make your own availabilities), relatively high wage, teaching experience, great resume builder and much more. Here’s a guide on how to start a tutoring business in college [2018]. The main requirement is that you know the subject extremely well, or you’ve complete the course with an A or higher. Other skills include great communication and attention to detail.

In college, tutoring is popular (and demanding) in most mathematics or finance related fields/ courses:
• Business: Finance, Accounting, and Economics courses
A tip would be to dig into the first year courses of business with heavy math as most students transitioning from high schools will lack the skills and require extra help to achieve a passing grade.
• Mathematics: Physics and Engineer
Engineer and Physics tutors may charge more as it requires more expertise and knowledge.


1. Post an ad on your local college community forum/ Facebook, Kijiji, or Craigslist- it’s free (try not to pay any money on advertising). Here’s how you can price it: look up for tutoring services similar to what you’re offering, and price it accordingly (lower the price if you’re just starting out to win out on competition). Tutoring services go from $15/hr – $60/hr+ depending on the subject and experience. You can make the 2nd hr cheaper when you start off: this helps you increase your absolute revenue and helps your client learn more of the material while giving them a small discount. For example: 1st hour is $30, and the 2nd hour will be $20. Phrased differently you can put: $30/hr and $50/ 2hr.

The following is a typical example of a tutoring ad, feel free to use it as a template and make adjustments according to your own skills, schedule and topic.
When writing an ad, make sure you include a little bit of SEO (search engine optimization). So, list the specific courses (by course code) of your university that you are teaching, and any other specific relevant keywords or details related (this helps search engines find you).



My name is  __Einstein____  and I am in my last year of Mechanical Engineering from ___Hogwarts University___. I am offering my tutoring services in mathematics and physics. I have 3 years of TA experience and I’ve taught mathematics to elementary, junior high school, college and university students for 3 years. I have a 3.9 CGPA and achieved a perfect grade in Engineering 101 (ENG 101), Astrodynamics 505 (AST 505) and many other related courses [Add and describe your achievements here]. I’m super friendly and honest. I can provide older test material, questions and personal notes for the more popular courses.

I can meet you anywhere on ___Hogwarts Campus___, preferably around a Starbucks or a the public library. I am available in the Monday-Friday after 3pm and from 11am- 6pm on the weekends.

My rate is $20/hr for the first hour and $15 onwards. My sessions are usually $35/ 2 hrs. I respond very quickly to messages [Charge your rate accordingly- try and make it attractive, like a special or a sale, alternatively, you could market it like this too: My rate is $20/hr or $35/2 hr]. If you could e-mail or text me a message before our meeting with some of your own material, tests, midterms or exams, that would be great!

Looking forward to hearing from you!


Here is a full list of courses I tutor, message me if you have a different course code [Omit this part if you only teach one class]:

ENG 101, 702, 909
MATH 100, 200, 300, 500
PHY 100, 200, 300,



Once you get your first potential student through e-mail or text (yay! congrats!), be sure to ask what their goals and what they want to get out of your services. It’s usually a helping hand to pass a test, midterm, final exam or with a project.

Typical questions you want to ask/ have an answer to before meeting up with them:
• How proficient are they in the subject?
• Which part do they need help understanding?
• What is their class teaching method? Powerpoint? Textbook heavy?
• Do they have the textbook, notes, test material or mock exams?

Ask them to bring their own textbook and resources. Course material rarely changes, so older version of textbooks are relatively reliable in terms of content. You can ask them to send the material ahead of time if you feel like you need to quickly review it.

Always confirm an appointment a few hours before meeting up with the student (in case of a “no-show”). Just a quick text message with the following: “Hey Jill, It’s __Einstein___, just confirming our tutoring session this afternoon at 3pm” will do the trick.

It’s recommended to meet them in a public place/ library and charge per hour. Always be punctual! It’s unprofessional to arrive late. If you do come late for any reason, offer a small time extension for their troubles (customer skills 101). You can think of making the meeting location easily accessible for yourself (this cuts on travel time and costs).


Here’s where all your knowledge and communication skills will count. If you can, prepare ahead of time, review the material and ask the student to send you what they are looking to learn. Tips for teaching include assessing and prioritizing and improving the spots where the student has difficulties. It’s important to be patient and empathetic, try and see the problem from the student’s point of view. Acknowledge that they may not have the same tools and experience as you do. One of the main points to assess is the strength of their base knowledge. For instance, if they are having problems with integral calculus, perhaps refresh the basics of derivatives (go back to the basics). Mastering the basics and building upwards like a pyramid with a strong foundation will help immensely. Of course, this will depend on how much time you have with the student before their test.
Most of the time, you will work on practice problems and will guide a student through your thought process to achieving the correct answer. Try to have the student as active as possible during the walkthrough so they can solve the problem independently in the future.

Some general goals you want to achieve are:

• Make the tutee feel comfortable, encourage them to ask questions
• Ensuring that the student understands and has a strong basic foundation in the subject
• Ensure and foster independent problem solving
• Encourage critical thinking
• Further build on what the student already knows

Every student’s knowledge and learning curve will be different, so teaching styles and approaches will need to be adjusted. Your teaching skills will also gain from a learning curve as you gain experience. Being nervous is normal as a first time tutor, knowing your material well will give you the confidence to make the tutoring session a pleasant one.

Here are some useful links on teaching/ tutoring related strategies:

Tips for Tutors from Cornell
Tutoring Tips
• How to Tutor Effectively (using research based approaches)
• What Makes a Successful Tutor 
Tutoring Techniques 


Once you’ve finished the tutoring session, always end off with a review and provide constructive feedback. Guide your student on what to look forward to next (session) and what they should practice back home. As you finish your tutoring lessons altogether with your student, kindly ask for a review and some feedback for yourself and your teaching style. Encourage them to speak their mind, as it will further help you exponentiate your teaching learning curve and provide useful feedback to boost your service and improve your business. It’s important to stay in contact with the student and wish them well on their test day (this is not only for an honest encouragement but will help your marketing). When all is done, kindly ask them to recommend you to their friends- a good word of mouth goes a long way in business.

“E-learning” has gained traction in the past years and allows you to leverage the benefits of the internet and fuse it with your tutoring. If you’ve got an expertise, gained enough experience, or you’ve got a specific skill you want to teach but don’t want the physical hassle of moving around, there are plenty of online platforms that let you build courses and sell them! Here are a few: UdemySkillShare and Teachable.

Tutoring and turning that into your own business is challenging work. But it’s a rewarding feeling to help another individual in need, and even better when you get paid well to do it! You can scale your business later by making courses online or YouTube videos. Good luck on your tutoring business!

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25 Best Ways to Make Extra Money in College [2018]

Let’s face it- budgeting and a part-time job alone ain’t going to cut it for our college lifestyle. Sometimes we just need a little extra income for those new headphones or that dress you saw at the mall last week. Aside from saving (check out this College Savings Guide) and a part-time job, there are plenty of extra ways you can make money in college. We made a list of 25 Best Ways to Make Extra Money in College [2018]. When architecting this list, we made sure to consider ideas that would be flexible, scalable (so you can turn it into a business) and worth your time. Essentially, you can pursue your side hustle on the weekends or whenever your schedule is free.

25 Best Ways to Make Extra Money in College [2018]


1.Become a tutor


This is the most flexible side hustle- and it can pay very well ($15/hr – $60+/hr depending on the subject and experience), plus it’s very scalable into a business. The skills required are a strong passion and knowledge on the subject and the course, some degree of social skills. Other more technical skills are patience and consistency. We’ve all heard the saying, “if you’re good at something, never do it for free”. If you did very well in a course and understand the subject to an extensive degree, particularly math-related courses, so accounting, finance, engineering and physics: make extra money in college by becoming a tutor.


2. Sell Your Class Notes


It pays to be a good student in class; literally. You should be rewarded for waking up to early morning classes and taking (good) notes. Sites like provide you an efficient way of uploading notes to share and be rewarded by your fellow classmates. This won’t make you Jeff Bezos or Bill Gates rich, but something is better than nothing. Plus, maybe it’ll give you some extra motivation for those early morning courses. For hand printed notes, you might need a scanner, so just pick up a used-one or find the wallet-friendly scanner from Amazon. Check out sites like: StuviaOneClass, and NexusNotes.


3. Build a Website


This idea is a bit more difficult and time consuming, but its flexible (you can work on it whenever you want) and very scalable. You can make money in various ways depending on what sort of website you build. You can sell products online by dropshipping or creating your very own goods. If you’re a good writer, you can blog and set up ads or affiliate marketing to make money. You can pay someone to write all your content on freelancing sites like Fiverr or Upwork, but its recommended that you write your own content when you start out (since it can get expensive to hire writers). To start, use sites like Shopify (for selling products), Wix and WordPress (for blogging) or build your own and use a hosting server like Bluehost. In a sense, starting your own website is like starting your own business, so some degree of business acumen and learning is required. The goal is to bring as much traffic as you can (so you can monetize it), and this is done by either having a/some wonderful products or very useful and intriguing content. It’s indeed going to be a slow start but if your website is successful, it’ll be well worth your time. Plus, this is an amazing line to put down on your resume.


4. Sell Used/Unused Items


Do you have any items that you no longer use or need? Selling some of those unused or used items might make you a little extra money. It’s also a great opportunity to move towards a minimalist lifestyle and remove the clutter in your home or apartment. There are several websites that will enable you to list and sell items that you no longer need such as Letgo, Kijiji, Craigslist , and Tradyo. Tips to help your sales over the web would be to take clear pictures (preferably in nicely lit areas) while providing an honest and accurate description. Be firm with the price, and don’t settle for low ballers! Always be sure to be safe when meeting the buyer, bring a friend and meet in a public or crowded place. If you’ve got loads of old items, you can always go old school and set up your own garage sale, that’s definetly something that can be on a bucket list: Have a garage sale- check!


5. Sell Stock Photos


If you have a camera or even a smartphone, you can sell your photography online. You don’t have to be photography major to earn money using this method. This is perfect if you already have a photo portfolio or you plan to start out in photography. There are several websites that will allow you to upload and sell your photos as stock images, here are the most popular ones: iStock,  Shutterstock, and BigStockPhoto. Most stock photos are bought and used by businesses for their advertisements and promotional materials. This won’t turn you into an overnight billionaire, but with enough royalties from photos, you can have a decent supplementary income. Check out the apps for Android or IOS at the end of the post.


6. Offer Cleaning Service


This idea doesn’t require much except an eye for cleaning and some basic cleaning equipments. You can take up cleaning jobs for homes or apartments, remember to be safe when doing so. As long as you have great attention for detail and some free time, you can easily make money by providing cleaning services. You can find companies that hire contract cleaners on your local job boards, Craigslist or Kijiji. PS: Buy yourself some great pair of cleaning gloves.


7. Join Focus/ Study Groups


If you’ve got time to spare, check your local campus or hospitals for focus or study groups. Focus groups usually pay you for answering surveys and doing a few tests. You’re usually paid at the end of the studies, or sometimes mid-way. The easiest and fastest ones to do are the psychology/ question survey studies where they ask you a few questions and assess your answers. The requirements for each study will differ, but as long as you’re healthy, you’ll qualify for the majority of the “easy money” (answering questions) study groups. Make sure you read all the fine prints of the agreements, and don’t be a guinea pig for any sort of new drugs. Take a look at these online surveys/ focus groups to make some extra money: SurveyJunkie, MySurvey, and VIPVoice. There are some high paying surveys online ranging from $30+ per completion to $80+, but most of them are around the $10 mark.

8. Become a Mystery Shopper


If you’ve never heard of mystery shopping, it’s essentially companies that hire a shopper to go and buy a product or visit a store and report their experience and provide feedback. The reason mystery shoppers are hired is because companies want to gather information, ensure that stores are being managed efficiently and that customer experience is top notch. As a mystery shopper, you’re task is to discreetly shop and complete certain checklists while answering certain questions pertaining to a review-like form. For instance, “how many employees greeted you?” or “how many offered help?”. The tasks are usually pretty easy and requires no skills except an easy “pre” test online before being assigned a task, but some attention to detail will help. Once you complete the task, you’ll be rewarded depending on the difficulty and length. If you’re hired to do a task, you’ll typically earn between $10 to $25+ per task. There are several websites that hire mystery shoppers, check out: MarketForce, MysteryShoppingServices, and BestMark. If you join other mystery shopping sites, make sure they are not scams and are approved by MSPA (Mystery Shopper Provider Association). Here’s a quick list of approved companies: MSPA. Mystery shopping won’t make you rich, but done if done consistently, it will definetly be some sizeable cash, especially for a college student.


9. Become a background Actor/ Actress


This is perfect if you have a flexible schedule in college. To become a background actor or an “extra” requires a few steps. Firstly, you’re going to need an agency, either non-union or union. Non-union usually pays a bit more, but it depends on what you’re background acting for. To begin, you’re going to need a headshot of yourself. Submit your headshot and an application to acting and talent agencies in addition to including all your talents and skills (they usually have a application you fill out). It helps to have special skills such as playing sports, knowing martial arts or your athletic. The best thing about being a background actor is the pay and the amount of work you need to do. Usually, you’re on set for the whole day (or a specific duration) and most of the time you’re just sitting there (so bring some notes to study or a good book). You can earn anywhere from $75+ to $400+ depending on what you’re acting gig is. It also helps to build a good network while you’re background acting, you can easily get better and higher paying acting gigs and who knows… maybe you’ll be the next Angelina Jolie or Christian Bale. Check out sites like: BackStage, CentralCasting or do a quick search in your local acting community.


10. Freelance Writer/Blogger


If you’re a good writer, there are plenty of ways you can make extra money in college. If you’re particularly good at one subject, say fashion, you can easily be a content writer for fashion bloggers and websites. There are plenty of companies that require the services of a writer for their website or blog. An asset would be already having a good writing portfolio, but its not a necessity. In a content writing/ blogging job, your role is to create content, and posts usually range between 500- 2000+ words depending on what your contracted to do. On the flip side, you can average about 5 cents + per word, so that 2000 word post can make you about $100+. You can also negotiate your deadlines and set your own price. You can even charge per hour, ranging from $10/hr to $50/hr+. Popular sites like Upwork and Fiverr will help you find freelance work and get your content writing side hustle up and running.


11. House Sitting


House sitting is just taking care of someones property while they are away. It’s quite simple to do, but finding a gig might be harder. Do you know someone who is taking a vacation? House sitting is one of the best ways to earn money without doing anything or without the need for any specialized skill. You’ll be responsible for looking after the landlord’s home and do some mundane tasks such as walking the pets, feeding the pets, some light maintenance and just making sure the property doesn’t fall apart. The only requirement would be a very high degree of integrity. Check your local job boards for house sitting positions (make sure to be safe), look on KijijiCraigslist, or HouseSitter, and HouseSitterAmerica.


12. Become a VA (Virtual Assistant)


If you have a flexible schedule and like to help others, virtual assistance is perfect for you as a college student. A virtual assistant is someone who can provide a wide range of services for clients or businesses online. It’s like a personal assistant except that the services are done virtually, so you can provide support from the comfort of your own home. If you have excellent customer service, great time management and advanced computer skills working with basic programs like Microsoft Word and Excel, you meet the qualifications for most of the virtual assistant positions. As a virtual assistant, you’ll essentially be an independent contractor. Most of the VA positions require you to tackle tasks such as customer support and other administrative tasks such as data entry. You can provide virtual assistance in a variety of fields, for instance: translation, bookkeeping, or writing. Compensation depends on what you’re doing but can range from $10 to upwards of $50+ depending on what skill your providing virtually. Higher paying skills are usually in fields such as programming, copywriting, project management, and consulting. A great way to start is to pick something you’re already good at and offer your services as a virtual assistant in that field. Popular sites to find virtual assistant gigs are Upwork, Fiverr, VirtualHub and TaskEveryday.


13. Offer Online Design Services


If you’ve got some web designing experience or you’re in a UX program, you can make a handsome amount of money by offering your design services to clients or online businesses. Of course, you must be proficient enough in graphic and online design to qualify for your side hustle. The type of work you’ll be designing will range from graphics to advertisements. If you’ve got some good photoshop experience, you can always offer editing services and help create advertisements. Search your local job boards for designing gigs or you can always find freelance designing contracts on UpworkFiverrKijiji. or Craigslist.


14. Create a Youtube Channel


Top YouTubers easily earn $5M-$10M+ a year just on a subscription and ad revenue basis alone. If you’re passionate about a subject and can create engaging visual content, then YouTube might be for you. An investment in a good videocamera and microphone is recommended, although you can just shoot your videos on your smartphone. It may seem like YouTube is saturated, but there are plenty of ideas that will still captivate your audience’s attention. You can make short comedy skits, product reviews, vlogs, tutorials and reaction, or any sort of video as long as you’re creative. There’s no big secret, if you have good content, you’ll eventually have a sizeable subscriber list, but its definetly not easy. It’s not going to happen overnight, but the passive income from a viral video is well worth the time. You can find some good YouTube channel ideas: here.


15. Design and Sell Crafts


Handmade crafts are usually worth more than mass-produced items, and they only cost time and creativity to produce. If you’ve got some experience in arts and crafts, post your handmade goods on sites like Etsy and Ebay. You may also choose to set up your own online store if you want to skip the Etsy listing and transaction fees. Shopify is a great platform for selling your own hand-made products. If you’re looking for ideas of what to make to jump start your side hustle, hop onto Etsy or Pinterest and look for the most popular items. Easy and low cost ideas include: custom posters, signs, cards and knitted goods. PS: Presentation matters, make sure your photos are clear and well taken. A nice camera helps but not a necessity, a decent smartphone camera will suffice.


16. Design and Sell T-Shirts 


If you’ve got an eye for fashion, set up your very own online (or offline) t-shirt store. You can upload your t-shirt designs on sites like TeeSpring, SpreadShirt, Zazzle, BlueCotton, TeePublic and Shopify. You will earn a handsome profit every time someone purchases your t-shirt. You don’t even have to worry about sourcing the t-shirt from a supplier, it’s usually all taken care of on these sites. Once you upload your design, you can share your store or t-shirt on social media and the sites will pay you your profit at the end of your campaign. This is a great way to make passive income as a college student. You can always buy your own t-shirts from places like Marshals or Gildan and then physically design your own art, but mind the overhead costs of equipment and the money value of your time. Post your unique handcrafted t-shirts on sites like Etsy and Ebay. It’s a great line on your resume, especially if you’re heading into the fashion industry.


17. Build an App


If you’re into programming, you’ve got the ability to make the next big app hit! There are several mobile apps these days that started small, but became viral and essential for everyday users overtime – think Uber, Instagram, Snapchat, VSCO, etc. You don’t have to spend billions of dollars and have a dedicated team of programmers. Start small, make an app that can improve or provide solutions to problems.To keep you motivated, build it into something you’re passionate about. If you’re into gaming, develop a game! – remember, Flappy Bird was made by just one person and had reported earnings of $50k+ a day. If you’re into fitness- build an app in health or fitness. Here are some ideas to help get you started.


18. Do Transcription Work Online


If you have fast typing skills, then you’ve got the core of what it takes to do transcription work and to make some extra income in college. There’s a high level of demand for transcriptionists across various industries. Most of the work can be completed online, which makes it convenient for college students, since you can work on your own schedule. UpWork is a great platform for transcription freelancers. You can easily earn anywhere between $10/hr – $25+/hr. Even if you have no previous experience with transcription, there are free resources online that will teach you how to do it. Check out StenoSpeed and ListenandWrite: they are free resources you can use to get your part-time transcription job started.

19. Sell an Online Course


Got any special skills? Are you an expert at something? Juggling? Investing? Speaking to pets? Teach people about your passion online and get paid to do it! Check out websites like Udemy, SkillShare and Teachable. These sites help you transfer your skills into an online teaching platform where it will be shared with the world. Simply choose your topic, create a course and connect with your students. Price your course accordingly and you’re done! You won’t need a teaching contract or a specific degree in that field (but certificates and experience do boost your credibility). It’s also free to create a course on Udemy, just be sure that you create exceptional course content. PS: a great camera and microphone will make all the difference.


20. Rent out your belongings (especially your car or bike)


Bet you’ve never thought this would make the list. We’re sure you’ve got some items that are sitting and collecting dust at home. You can list those items as rentals on Kijiji or Craigslist. Alternatively, you can use apps like ZilokFatLama, or Peerrenters. Popular items include tools (drills and ladders go for $10-$15+ a day), electronics (drones, games, Xbox, PS4s, etc.), and small appliances (coffee machines, BBQ grills, etc.). They’re free to download from the app store and you can quickly turn your items into a renting business. If you don’t use your car as often, consider lending it on sites like Turo. After a few quick pictures, the rental service is easy to set up. PS: remember to be safe when meeting and renting out your stuff, go with a friend and meet somewhere public.


Starting Small…

At the end of the day, it’s all about starting your own business. Your efforts will directly impact your bottom line, so much of it will be needed. Most people are intimidated by the idea of starting a business, but in this era of technologically filled applications, starting your own business in college is relatively easy- being successful is something else entirely. The best way to start out a business is to find something your passionate about AND that can help others– of course easier said than done.

If it’s your first time as a “business owner”, try starting off small and simple. For example start buy used items for low by negotiating and sell them for higher. An industry that’s profitable for buying low and selling high is within the used tire and rim industry- there’s competition but not enough to create barriers for entry. If you have a good eye for cars, then buying good condition tires and rims and putting them together (increasing its value by synergy) could make you a handsome profit. You could also shop your local thrift stores for vintage-like items, those usually have a higher resell value on EtsyEbay and Amazon.

You likely have a talent that people will pay for: if you’re good with computers- open up a repair shop or troubleshooting from your home on the side. Good with make-up? Become a make-up artists on the side. Good with technology? Help elderly individuals understand and use technology on the side. Crafts? Sell your handmade crafts on sites like Etsy or Ebay. Remember that almost any type of service or product that adds value can be turned into a business. Be sure to use social media or websites to promote your services. Succeed or fail, starting a business in college will also look very neat on your resume and the experience alone provides perfect answers for interview questions. More important than anything else, you’ll gain business experience.

Apps That Help You Make Money in 2018

If you’ve got no time to fully dedicate yourself to a business, In addition to the traditional methods of generating extra income stated above, you can also use the following apps to make money.


You can earn by completing surveys, completing special offers, participating in daily polls, finding swag codes, watching videos, or referring your friends. There are countless tasks that you can complete with this app that will give you the chance to accumulate points which can be later redeemed as gift cards from top retailers like Amazon or Target, or cash to your Paypal.


Aside from Swagbucks, this is another popular app that can help you earn money (or rather save). Ebates will pay you to purchase through their site from 1800+ participating retailers. You can also refer your friends and make $50 out of it. This app is available on iPhone and Android devices. You can get payment via check or Paypal. If you are going to buy items anyway, you might as well get some cash out of it!

Surveys on the Go

Survey sites or apps are proving to be a great way to make a quick buck in college. Surveys on the Go is one of the more popular apps available for Android and IOS. To get paid, you’ll be doing different types of surveys. Some surveys have more questions than others and you’ll be rewarded a bit more for those ones. You could complete fast surveys while waiting in line for coffee or waiting for a friend. You can earn as little as 25 cents to as much as $5+ for every survey.


Similar to Ebates, Shopkick will give you ‘kicks’ (or points) when you shop from their partner retailers (they have some different retailers than Ebates). Simply walk into a partnered retailer and scan the items before buying. to receive points for each purchase. The app is available for Android and IOS.


Clashot is a relatively new app for Android and IOS. Clashot will pay you when you take original photos of food, cities, art, and other subjects and then sell it to Depositphotos. For Clashot, the average royalty per photo is about 44% of the sale. So if you’ve got some great photos sitting in your phone collecting pixel dust, try putting them up for sale. The bigger your photobank, the bigger your earning potential! Similar apps that allow you to sell photos on Android and IOS are Foap, ShutterStock and Snapwire.

Have you ever earned extra cash with any of these ideas? If you’ve got any other tips, feel free to share them! Sharing is caring!

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Best Tips to Save Money in College [2018]

Best Tips to Save Money in College [2018]

College is one of the toughest times in anyone’s life, financially speaking. With our limited budget and mountain load of expenses, the struggle is real. In between tests and projects, the last thing you’d want to stress over is money, so we made you a list of 25 Best Tips to Save Money in College 2018.

Since most students are living on their own, we’re expected to cover all of our basic living expenses – rent, gas, food, and other essentials (learning to adult). The most important thing to keep in mind is consistency. Saving yourself $5 or $10 a day goes a long way. This is a guide on the best ways to save money in college 2018, if you’ve already mastered the art of thriftiness, then you can move on to our guide for side hustling in college.

Saving money is going to require a bit of creativity and willpower, but you’re bank account will thank you.

Here are 25 Best Tips to Save Money in College [2018]:

1. Set a budget. – Thanks Captain Obvious! Yes- this is obvious, but most of us don’t do it even though we should. Before the start of each semester, set yourself a detailed budget plan. List down every expense you are expected to cover during your time in college for that given semester (average out how much it costs you for a night out to the club or bar). Make sure to account for even the smallest expenses such as gas or travel allowance. It’s often the small things that add up without you noticing that dents your bank. Keep your receipts and bank statement so you can determine where all your money is going.
Another way to budget yourself is to go on the cash budget- set a certain amount a week- say $100 and pay everything in cash.
Protip: Be very strict with your budget, and always ask for a “cash discount”. Use free phone apps like: PocketGuard, Unsplurge, Mint.

2. Avoid using your credit card. Credit card debt is one of the top causes of debts and bankruptcies in the US. Credit cards are doubled edged swords, you can build great credit if you make payments on time, but if you’re known to always spend more than you make- credit cards are probably not for you. If you have a credit card, avoid using it for impulsive buys- we don’t realize how easy it is to tap and buy. If you can’t afford, don’t buy it- not even on credit.

3. Watch what you eat. Let’s get straight to it: you’re definetly going to save if you stop stop eating out so much, budget yourself for one or two meals out a week. You don’t notice that $10 meal on the bank account, but it piles up. Plan your meals and stick to the plan. Limit the amount of times you eat out- period, and learn to say no, it’ll be a useful skill later in life. You can also create a meal plan so you know exactly how much you’re spending on each meal. Schedule weekly grocery runs and meal preps.
Here are a few Youtube channels to help you with meal preps: Tasty, The Domestic Geek, and here‘s a great post on meal prep.

4. Skip the summer hype. If you’re serious about saving money in college, rethink about how you spend the summer. It might be fun and enticing to head to some expensive all inclusive vacation but just know it comes with a huge cost! Instead of blowing your bank account on summer festivals, find a summer job or internship. This site can help.
If you simply just can’t say no, plan in advance. All inclusive packages are usually cheaper if you book in advance- but do your research. Check out Airefarewatchdog and Theflightdeal to find cheap flight deals. If you’re living on paycheque to paycheque- probably a good idea to skip on the summer or winter vacation.

5. Opt for used items. Do not buy new textbooks right away! For specific courses, you can always find used textbooks. Simply do a quick search on Craigslist, KijijiThriftbooks, or post in your local college group. If you know someone who has taken the same subject as you, it might be a good way to save money to buy their old/used books. You can also rent books from others- there’s no shame in saving a few bucks. You don’t have to be limited to just textbooks- buying used furniture and accessories (such as lamps) is one of the best ways to save money (plus you can always resell them). A great time to buy, is at the end of every semester.

6. Ride a bike. If you have a bike, your saving a whole lot by using your leg muscles, no need to worry about parking, gas, maintenance and bus fares. Only ride a bike if it’s safe to do so, and remember to buy a good lock and sturdy helmet. Not only will you be saving yourself money, you’re helping the environment, plus your health will thank you. It’s just going to suck in the winter, so make sure you bundle up.


7. Use school resources. Most college campuses have their own library with computers centers which are available to all students. If you don’t own a laptop yet (and had been planning to buy one), skip the idea of a brand new purchase (remember to buy used- just make sure it works and has warranty). If you can find the book at your library, rent it out! There’s no need to buy a new one. Make sure you understand all your college’s student resources, some students pay for fees and never use their benefits. I didn’t realize we had a dental benefit plan until my last year!

8. Apply for Scholarships. There are so many college scholarships out there that go unclaimed every year, most of them just require an application and short essays. Don’t miss out on free money. If you’re relying on scholarships to pay through college, it’s important that you keep a close eye on application dates, so apply early. This will give you adequate time to process your scholarship application and get the approval. For scholarship lists: check this link out. Apply to as many as you can, it’s definitely worth your time.

9. Choose where you live carefully. Location matters. Most college students prefer to live off-campus in fancy houses but if you want to save money, staying in the college dormitory, or a relatively cheap rental multiplex might be your best option. Rent is going to be one of your biggest fixed expenses, so don’t skimp on the research. Be sure to calculate in all factors: travel expenses, monthly overheads (internet and hydro). Finding a place close to school might help you save on your travel expenses as you would no longer have to drive to or commute to campus. You can also share your dorm room with a friend or roommate to split the cost. Just don’t go to cheap and end up in a sketchy area- safety first! Places4students, and Rent is a great place to compare prices. Don’t forget to negotiate on prices!

10. Take advantage of campus amenities. College life is supposed to be fun. But just because you’re trying to save money, doesn’t mean you can’t the most out your college experience. Many campuses have a variety of activities open for students to enjoy – from fitness classes, music festivals, and movie nights! It is also a great opportunity to network and socialize with your fellow college students. If there’s free food- that should be enough to get you to show up. Check your college website to take advantage of free amenities.

Coffee Shop Cafeteria Restaurant Service Concept

11. Invest in your own coffee maker. For most people, coffee is their morning fuel. However, buying coffee on-the-go every single morning can be very expensive over time. That $5+ a day on your latte will cost you $1,825+ a year. Investing in your own coffee or espresso maker will prove to be one of the best investments you can make in your college years. You can split the cost of a new coffee maker with your roommate- or even buy a used one. If you’re not looking to buy a used one, Amazon has plenty of great and cheap coffee makers. Hamilton Beach Coffee Maker is one of the best-selling on Amazon; it’s great quality, reliable and budget-friendly (and looks sweet). Find it: here.
Plus: You can also make your own coffee for those late night assignments in the comfort of your own home.

12. Have at least one ‘no-spend’ day each week. This is a hard one, but it’s going to save you a bunch of money. At the beginning you might find the idea of a ‘no-spend’ day quite challenging, but it’s all about consistency and self-control. It’s just like developing a habit, except this one saves you a bunch of money. Pick a day (you should pick a weekday so you can still “splurge” on the weekend) and don’t spend any money on that day. We suggest picking the day right after grocery and meal prep day. Easier said than done, but it’s worth your effort.

13. Take advantage of student discounts. A lot local restaurants and stores offer student discounts that most people are oblivious to (did you know: Apple offers student discounts?). Most discounts can be enjoyed by simply presenting your student ID, so carry your ID around with you at all times. If you’re unsure, do not be afraid to ask! There’s no shame in saving a few bucks. A dollar a day goes a long way! Check out this list.

14. Cancel premium app or games subscription. If you’re in college, do you really need to be spending top dollar on apps and games? Chances are, you don’t. And if you really do- find someone to share the costs with. Cancel any of your premium app subscriptions so you can save money in college. It’s small, but it’s going to have a significant impact on your budget over time. Nothing wrong with sharing Netflix accounts.

15. Monitor your cell phone usage. If you really want to save, you can monitor your data usage and downgrade to a cheaper plan if you have data excess.Do not go over your data- ever. So make sure your phone Wi-Fi is enabled 24/7, and always ask for Wi-Fi access. There are plenty free websites or tools that can help keep track of your cell phone usage, including your service provider’s app.

16. Shop during sales only. Only- is the keyword, when buying your consumables (toilet paper, detergent, soap); buy them when they are on sale ONLY- and buy in bulk. You might not realize it but if you get 50% off toothpaste, that’s in some sense, an immediate return on your money. So if you see a great sale, don’t be afraid to stock up. Read your local flyers. Be sure to check out: Groupon, eBates, Coupons, and SmartSource, Flipp for discounts.

17. Stop shopping unless you need to. Captain Obvious checking in again. But seriously, if you want to save money in college, stop shopping unless you need to. The convenience of online shopping has made it quite tempting for shoppers to buy in an impulsive manner. But before you click on the checkout button, sleep on it – maybe you really don’t need to spend a few days’ worth of pay on that extra pair of shoes or brand new coat. You likely already have one.

18. Create a needs vs wants list. Here’s how you do #17. List down the items that you would normally buy and categorize them as ‘needs’ or ‘wants’. The next time you are compelled to buy something new, you can refer to that list to help with your decision making. Yes, those pair of shoes would look good on you- but you don’t need them. This might be a simple list but it can be life-changing if you’re willing to be strict.

19. Look for an e-book or scan the library for resources. Still looking for your course books? Before buying a used one, you can even look for e-books (they can be cheaper). Just do a simple post on the campus social group. You can also leverage your student library and check if they have the book then scan the specific chapters you need.


20. Go on the ramen diet. The ramen diet has recently gained popularity in the college communities. It’s fast and convenient, not to mention inexpensive too! If you’re looking into saving money, and don’t feel like meal prepping everyday, this diet is for you. There are several benefits to investing in the ramen diet. Aside from the fact that it’s extremely cheap, you actually do have more than one choice (simply buy different types/brands of ramen noodles). It’s also very easy to prepare so you can save time when making your own “gourmet” ramen meals at home. Most ramen noodles can be prepared by heating them in a microwave or adding hot water. You can pimp it up by getting creative and adding eggs, chicken and seaweed. How much simpler can this get?

21. Take advantage of coupons. Before you go shopping, do a quick search over the web and see if you can find any coupons. Sites such as have plenty of information and deals. There’s usually coupons at your local campus center or at the front of most grocery stores. If you’re a frequent Amazon or online shopper, you can also Install the google chrome extension called Honey, it automatically finds if there’s any discount codes or coupons when you check out (and most online retailers have some). Again, make sure you check out: Groupon, eBates, Coupons, and SmartSource.

22. Pay some of your student loan while in college. If you have student loans, try and make payments towards it while in college. It’s an indirect way of saving (future you will thank you). Any amount of money or savings that you can make while you are in college, make sure you use some of that towards paying off the loans. Even $20 a week will take you far. The longer you wait before you pay off your student loan, the more interest will accrue over time. It’s always good to think ahead!

23. Use only FREE software. Who doesn’t love free stuff? Before you feel compelled to purchase a license for software, check if any of your friends or your roommates have a licensed version of that software first. For every paid software, there are just as many free software that work just as well. If you can’t get a free version of Microsoft Office, use Google Docs. If you’re looking for more specific programs, check out these sites like TechRadar, and Freestudentsoftware.

24. Pay yourself first. This is savings 101. If you tend to overspend, force yourself to save by automating the process. Make an automatic transfer to your savings every month. You can easily set this up at your local branch or online. For instance, on the day your pay cheques are deposited, automatically transfer $25 into your savings account on that day. Combine this with all the tips above and you should easily be saving your way through college, more importantly you’re developing important self-control skills that will pay greater dividends later in life.

25. Graduate on time!
Saved the most obvious one for last, so the captain gets the last word. Every semester or year you spend in college entails a cost – a big one! The longer you are in college, the more you have to spend. It’s also a huge indirect drain on your savings since you’ll be accumulating more interests and you’ll lose an “indirect” salary.

Saving money isn’t easy, but it’s well worth the effort. College is a time for learning, not just academically, but more importantly; personally. Read and learn as much as you can! As Benjamin Franklin would say: “ An investment in knowledge pays the best interest”. The habit of saving a little today will pay huge dividends in years to come. Hopefully this list of Best Tips to Save Money in College [2018] gave you some ideas, or at the very least, reminded you on your savings goals.
Next, find a high-yield savings account or open up an investment account to let your earnings work for you- Do diligent research and keep your fees low! Remember that every step, no matter how small, will increase your savings.

PS: Don’t forgot to have fun in college! You can always ball on a budget.

Have you tried any of these tips? If you’ve got any other tips, feel free to share them! Sharing is caring!

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8 Best Candies from the 90s [2018]

8 Best Candies From the 90s [2018]

The 90s were truly some golden years. Unfortunately, a lot of the best inventions aren’t around anymore. This is a dedication to the good ol’ 90s. If there’s one thing this list should do is to make you smile by bringing back those nostalgic feelings. Remember when baggy pants were a thing? Do you remember your favorite childhood candy from the 90s? Remember when biking to the park is what we did after school instead of laying in bed texting now. Back then the BackStreet Boys were the most popping band? Good times…Here’s a sweet list of 8 Best Candies from the 90s that you can get in 2017.

1. Fun Dip


Remember these? Getting them for Halloween would be the highlight of the tricky-or-treat runs (this or an actual sized candy bar). As a kid, if you had these at school, you would automatically be worshipped and everyone wants to be your friend. You would distribute the fizzy powder bit by bit to your classmates while adding a little extra more to your secret crush.

Fun Dips come in raspberry, apple, and cherry flavors. If you’ve never had the opportunity to experience these as a kid, here is your chance! It probably make you popular in college or at work, but at least you’ll know what these taste like. The party tray comes with 48 assorted Fun Dips. Find it here.

2. Gushers


Who remembers trading their whole lunch, and tomorrows lunch for these? We probably all envied the one kid who was blessed enough to have Gushers everyday.

It is a delicious on the go and lunchtime treat that you can enjoy anytime you like. It has some of the amazing natural flavors. Little did we know, Gushers are (now) gluten-free with no artificial flavors added. It also has some vitamin C. Try and think of a kid who hasn’t eaten a gusher. If you never had the chance, as a grown up, here is your chance to make up for missing out. There are 90 calories per pouch, so try not to binge. Find it here.

3. Ring Pops

RingPops.pngWhen we hear Ring Pops, all we can think about is our childhood. These jewel shaped suckers would definetly be in a slide show of the 90s. Back then, we could find these at every corner store, now times have changed…Luckily, these are still around! You can search around supermarkets or order a bunch here. There are 40 individually wrapped Ring Pops in a box, with a variety of unique flavors and colors. Find these candy rings here.



4. Airheads


Agree with us when we say that nobody hates Airheads and these are definetly one of the best candies from the 90s. . These sweet and chewy flavored candy sticks were perfect for Halloween, parties or piñata stuffing. They were also awesome because you could easily rip off a piece and share it with your friends (if you’re into sharing). Even today, Airheads are (still) nut-free, gluten-free, low-fat and doesn’t contain any “Big 8” allergens (no milk, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, soy, fish, shellfish or wheat), so everyone can enjoy them. There are 60 individually wrapped regular sized Airheads in a box and comes in a variety of the classic flavors (orange, cherry, blue raspberry, grape, watermelon, and white mystery). Two sized bars are approximately 120 calories, so try not to eat the whole box in one sitting. Grab your Airheads here.

5. Starbursts


Starbursts are an absolute 90s classic, and are definetly some of the best 90s candies. Remember the days when you would eat all favorite flavours first then be stuck with the ones you hate (yellow), we sure do. These were probably everyones first fruit chew candies. Treat yourself with some mouth-watering juicy Starbursts, just like the good ol’ days! There are no artificial flavors in these sweet and chewy candies, plus they’re gluten-free. A box includes 36 single There are 36 single packs of Starbursts. They include the amazing original flavors: orange, lemon, cherry and strawberry. You can find a box here.

PS: You can make plenty of other cool things with Starbursts (like Starburst cupcakes), check out this link.


6. Nerds 


How can you ever go wrong with a box of Nerds? It’s like eating crystallized rainbow bits that taste like your awesome childhood memories. These candy nuggets would always make our lunch that much better. No matter how many vegetable sticks you needed to eat, Nerds would always make them worthwhile. Perfect treat for parties, trips, Halloween and candy buffets.

All the ingredients used in the manufacturing the candy are natural. Every box comes with around 100-130 little nuggets (yes, people actually count them). They’ re available in delicious lemonade wild cherry and strawberry flavors. Comes in approximately 3lbs box, in other words, you’ll have unlimited Nerds. Find it here.  Alternatively, you can grab the bigger Rainbow Nerds boxes here.

7. Push Pops


Push Pops were originally made in 1986, but it’s safe to say that only the 90s kids remember them. One of our biggest joy was pushing that cool mechanism that makes the candy come up, remember that?

These are pretty expensive individually and rare at local stores, but if you buy them in bulks, it gets significantly cheaper.  There are 24 posh pops in a tray. It comes with 4 flavors: fruit mix, watermelon, strawberry and berry (the classic ones). These are perfect for kids birthday parties. A single Push Pop is around 70 calories, but like all sweet-filled candies contains quite a bit of sugar, so don’t try to finish the whole box in a day. If you’re looking for the rarer cotton candy flavor, you can try your luck here. You can find the Triple Power Push Pops here.

8. Pixy Stix

Pixy Stix.png

Who remembers the fizzy taste you get after eating these? When we were kids, we wondered what the heck was in these sticks that made them so addictive. It’s pretty clear in hindsight, it’s flavored sugar. If you’ve never had these before, they’re similar to Fun Dip. These are still around but not as common as their golden era in the 90s. Pixy Stix comes in a pack of 85 candy powder filled straw that come in the 4 classic flavors: Maui punch, grapes, orange, and cherry. There are no artificial flavors and each straw packs around 45 calories. Great throwback candy to bring to a Halloween or birthday party. If you’re looking to buy for parties, you can find a bulk case here.


9. Cracker Jacks


These aren’t exactly candy, but they were equally, if not more addictive and are worth a special mention. These good ol’ caramel coated peanuts and popcorns will definetly bring you back to memory lane, back to simpler times when our only worries were making it home from school on time for our favorite show.  There’s a surprise inside every pack. These are definetly something you want to bring to a high school reunion party. Grab them here.



Other memorable Best 90s Candy that will give you the childhood vibes.

Jaw Busters




Tootsie Rolls


Lollipop Swirls

Swirl Lollipop

Laffy Taffy


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If you’re looking back to the 90s, check out this post from and


We hope you enjoyed our 8 Best Candies from the 90s [2017] list. Is there a favorite 90s snacks that you particularly miss?

8 Best Mango Flavored Snacks [2018]

8 Best Mango Flavored Snacks [2018]


Mangoes are known as the king (or queen) of the exotic fruits, and rightfully so! They have plenty of healthy benefits, including fiber, potassium, Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Folic Acid (see this study). Not only that, but mango infused desserts and drinks taste absolutely delicious! We’re sure fresh smoothies, ice cream and even just raw mango are amongst some of your top snacks, but unfortunately fresh mangoes are seasonal, usually only available in the summer season, and likely not year round.

Luckily, we made a list of the 8 Best Mango Flavored Snacks in 2018. These snacks are year-round and perfect for mango lovers.

P.S. mangoes also awesome for lame puns.

1-Health Warrior Mango Chia Bar


Health Warrior Mango Chia Bar is jam stacked with healthy plant-based proteins and the antioxidants that will help to keep your body healthy.

These are perfect for anyone on the go, especially for breakfast or afternoon snacks. Each bar consists of about 3 grams of plant-based protein, 4 grams of dietary fiber, 1100 mg omega 3 fatty acids and 5 important antioxidants. A single bar is only 100 calories.

For active and health conscious individuals, the most awesome thing about these bars are that they are soy, dairy, and gluten-free. They have been manufactured with all natural ingredients including mango and the superfood chia seed extracts that your body will thank you for. If you haven’t had the chance to try these, pick up a box! Each box comes with 15 individually wrapped chewy Mango Chia Bars. If you’re a mango lover or fit freak, these are the perfect mango snacks for you! Check it out: here.

2-Terrasoul Superfoods Organic Dried Mango Slices


Terrasoul Dried Mango Snack is a perfect if you love having mangoes year round. Terrasoul is reputable in the superfoods snack industry for their quality, lab tested ingredients and value prices. These organic mango slices are grown on a small, sustainable organic farms. The mangoes are harvested when perfectly ripe and hand sliced, while dehydrated with low temperatures to achieve a soft and chewy flavor. This careful process allows the mangoes to keep their natural sweetness and quality flavor, while maintaining a lively color and nutrients without having to add sugar, sulfur dioxide or preservatives. Terrasoul mango slices will have you feel like you’re eating mangoes directly plucked from their organic farm. The Dried Mango comes in a 12ounces pack. This product has been certified organic, gluten-free, Kosher, Vegan and non-GMO.

Terrasoul is family-run business that sources their superfoods only from the highest and freshest places. They are also committed to paying their growers and employee a fair wage. So, not only will this product make you feel good, but these dried mangoes will taste amazing. To make things sweeter (pun-intended), Terrasoul is so confident in their quality and taste that they offer 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee. They really stand behind their Dried Mango product and will offer you a 30-day money back guarantee. There’s a reason why these dried mangoes are amongst the most popular on Amazon, see for yourself here!

P.S. If you’re into spicy, check out these chili dried mango by CHIMANGO.

3-Peeled Organic Mango Snacks


If you love mangoes, hiking, and mid-day snacks, grab yourself some Mango Peeled Snacks. Enjoy the sweet and tangy flavor of this mango snack. These dried mangoes are organic, non-GMO, USDA certified, and gluten-free. There are no preservatives or sugar added into the mangoes. Because they are purely dried without the use of preservative agents, so it’s recommended that you finish the pack right after opening (not that it’s a problem for you). These mangoes are peeled and dried under proper conditions to ensure that true flavors and colors will be preserved during the dehydration process. The producing company developed strong partnerships with the reliable farmers and suppliers to provide the best quality mangoes.

A box comes with 10 packs of individually wrapped pouches containing about 1.0 to 1.4oz of dried mangoes. Every pack of deliciousness packs only 130 calories while providing a good source of vitamins and minerals. Check it out here.


4- Keep Healthy Chocolate Mango Bars


Agree with us when we say that chocolate and mango are two of the best snacks in the world. Now combine them together and we have something entirely special: enter Keep Healthy Chocolate Mango Bars. This creamy dark chocolate covered bar with tangy mango flavor will take you on an exotic mango flavored journey.

Keep Healthy is committed to natural, healthy and organic ingredients. There are no artificial preservatives or sweeteners, so no dyes, or high-fructose corn syrup. These bars are a made with dairy-free chocolate that coats over deliciously dried mangoes. They’re vegan-friendly, kosher, non-GMO, and gluten-free, making it healthier bite for everyone. Not only that, but the bars include important sources of calcium, iron, protein, fiber, and potassium. Each box comes with 16 individually wrapped bars. Each bar contains just 132 calories and the main ingredients include just good-old chocolate and dried mangoes. Find it here.


5- Sahale Snacks Mango Tango Grab and Go


Sahale Snacks are some of the most popular nourishing dried nuts and fruits. The Mango Tango Almond Trail Mix includes whole roasted almonds and peanuts, chewy, delicious and uniquely sweet mango with a hint of chipotle chili and tart lime. Sahale Snacks doesn’t skimp on quality, all their trail mixes are non-GMO verified, kosher and they don’t use any artificial preservatives or flavors: you get the real thing. Inside this Mango Tango mix, you’re getting premium Californian almonds that is dry roasted to perfection without the use of oil. Not only is Sahale Snacks committed to quality ingredients, but they are also committed to the communities. Sahale Snacks is constantly looking for ways to aid and promote the communities, while empowering growers and diminishing environmental footprint.

Each box comes with 18 convenient packs of 1.5 ounce (42.5g) of a mix of mango, almonds, peanuts with a kick of chipotle chili and lime. Find it here.



6- Natural Sins Crispy Mango Chips


Natural Sins is not kidding when they say they are natural. These crispy mango chips only have 2 ingredients: mango and sugar cane. These dried mangoes chips are hand picked from the pacific crest regions and are cut so thin, you can almost see through them. These tropical fruit chips are baked to crispy perfection, so you can enjoy the crunchiness of chips without the unhealthy regrets. They are certified non-GMO, Vegan, Kosher and Paleo-friendly. If you’ve never tasted a Costa Rican mango, this is your chance! Tuck those chip bags under your couch and pick yourself some mouth-watering mango chips!

This brand of Mango chips is hard to find in supermarkets (they’re made in Costa Rica) , so pile up while they’re in stock. A bag comes in a serving size of 28g and contains only 92 calories. A single order comes with 6 bags. Grab these non-potato chips here.


7- Kasugai Mango Gummy Candy 


If you’re into sweets and love mango snacks, you probably already knew this would make it on the best mango snacks list. If you’ve never heard of these mango gummies, they are by far one of the most popular mango gummy brands. Made with real fruit juice, these soft and chewy mango candy will leave you wanting more after every piece. The only downside is that they are made in Japan, so finding them in your local supermarket might be an issue. However, they are in stock on Amazon.

Every bag comes with about 24 individually wrapped gummies. It’s gluten-free and every 3 gummies contains around 130 calories. There’s also an alternative brand to Kasugai, that are arguably just as delicious (and slightly cheaper): Cocoaland Mango Gummies.


8- Hi-Chew Mango Fruit Candy


As a child, if you’ve ever been to an Asian supermarket, you’ll definetly find HiChew brand in the candy section. HiChew is one of the most popular candy brands in Asia. These candies are soft, chewy (as their name implies) and more importantly delicious! What’s unique about these are the distinctive creamy texture and flavour, its on a league of its own. Pack your stuff folks, cause a single chew will bring you to mango paradise. The only thing we’d recommend watching out for is addiction, these are so good that you won’t notice binging through a whole block.

Every order comes in a box of 10 packs. Each pack contains 10 pieces. You can also find them in international supermarkets. If you, or your friends haven’t tried these yet- pick some up, they are sure to impress. Grab these here.

If you’re looking for homemade mango recipes check these recipes. Here’s another one from Huffinton Post.

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We hope you enjoyed this list of 8 Best Mango Flavored Snacks [2018]


7 Best Caffeine Snacks for Coffee Addicts [2018]

If you’re tired at work, pulling an all nighter, running a marathon or you’re a cyclist, this list is what you need to see!

We made a list of the 7 Best Caffeine Snacks for Coffee Addicts 2018: it ranges from coffee-flavored snacks, to caffeine jam packed gum you can get right now.

Is it even possible to live WITHOUT coffee? 

We’ve all had that painful moment when we miss our morning coffee because we’re running late for work or we’re forced to take those dreadful early classes (9am classes should be outlawed).

Agree with us when we say: that coffee is the 9th wonder of the world, and to make it better, in moderate amounts, caffeine actually has healthy benefits. Caffeine can boost our memory, improve our mental functions and decrease fatigue (see this study). But in some cases, caffeine can boost blood pressure, so if you’re unsure how much caffeine you can handle, check with a professional.

infographic (2)

Every once in a while you wanna skip having coffee breath, or you just don’t have time to get that much needed caffeine injection cause you’re stuck in the office and painfully trying to make it past noon.

Low energy begone! Here we go:

Best Caffeine Snacks for Coffee Addicts 2018

If you’re looking to get that morning jolt, and coffee just doesn’t sit well in you within the first work hour, here are some awesome caffeine loaded snacks that you didn’t know existed:

1. Better than Coffee Energy Bars


If you like coffee and chocolate, this is what you’ve been waiting for! This energy-packed bar loads 100mg of natural caffeine per bar. The revitalizing energy is definetly different than your typical coffee or energy drink. Other notable natural ingredients include Guarana and Maca. Guarana was long used for stamina and energy and the Maca is used to increase mental clarity and reduce stress. You’ll be enjoying some clarity for a good 2 to 6 hours without the crash. To make things better, it’s natural tasting, gluten-free, non-GMO low on sugar, low sodium, high protein and vegan. The low sugar gives the bars a more subtle and some bitterness taste- so the perfect snacks for adults, or those trying to adult.

A single bar only packs around 100-110 calories and weighs 25g: 5g of protein, 8 net carbs (carbs less fiber). Definetly one of the most popular coffee-alternatives bars available on the market today making it on top of our list of Best Caffeine Snacks 2018.

Better Than Coffee Energy Bars comes in 4 flavors: Dark Chocolate and Coconut, French Roast, Dark Chocolate and Raspberry, and Dark Chocolate and Mint. Find it: here.


2.PROBAR Bolt Organic Energy Chews


If you’re looking for an energy boost that’s small and compact, have no fear, Bolt Energy Chews are here! Perfect as a coffee substitute or as a complement when you need the extra energy. These chews come in box containing 12 packs. A single package contains 2 servings of organic, non GMO, and gluten-free energy chews. Each serving loads 20mg of caffeine derived from organic Yerba Mate (natural leaf that contains caffeine), electrolytes, organic superfruit blend of Acai, Blueberry and Pomegranate, complex carbs and B Vitamins. These are perfect for the gym, marathons, hikes and biking!

Each serving (30g about 4-5 chews) contains no fat, 24g of carbohydrates and just 90 calories. Stock these at work as an afternoon snack, or in your car for your commutes.

PROBAR Bolt Organic Energy Chews comes in 3 flavors: Berry Blast, Raspberry and Strawberry (Strawberry doesn’t have caffeine). Find it: here.


3.Military Gum Chews


Imagine having to work military hours, waking up before the sunset, doing exhaustive drilling throughout the day and missions to ensure the safety of the country. Well, there’s such thing as energy gum, and these ones are backed by U.S. Military research for 6 years. Introducing: Military Gum Chews, designed to provide energy for military and security agencies. They even ran scientific experiments and The Walter Reed Army Institute of Research and The National Academy of Science both concluded that caffeinated military gum chews were an effective way to sustain vigilance and alertness during military operations (see the study here). Your office environment may not require as much physical performance as military personnels, but when you need to quickly improve mental alertness, thinking and physical performance, just chew on one of these. Unlike waiting for your coffee to kick in, Military Gum Chews begins to work instantly through oral absorption. A single chewing piece will deliver 100mg of caffeine, equivalent to a cup of coffee. So if you can’t stand the coffee breath or it just doesn’t sit well in your stomach, pick up a case. These are also perfect for early commutes, morning jogs, marathons, hiking and physical activities, they are compact and light enough to slip in your pocket. A tray comes with 24 packs and contains 5 pieces of Military Gum Chews per pack and each piece packs 100mg of caffeine, equivalent to one cup of coffee (that’s 5 cups of coffee in just a pack).

Military Gum Chews comes in 3 different flavours: Mint (most popular flavor), Spearmint and Cinnamon. Find it: here.


4. Viter Energy Caffeinated Mints


If you’re a fan of mints, Viter Energy Caffeinated Mints are a must! These are by far one of the best selling caffeine mints in the market today. They are loaded with 40mg of caffeine and B-Vitamins per mint and work fast thanks to sublingual absorption. Just pop two of these and you’ll nearly get the same caffeine intake as a whole cup of coffee or energy drink, without the nasty coffee breath, and instead some minty feeling giving your mouth a clean feel. The little tin is uber convenient, just keep it in your pocket, at work, in your car or take it with you to have that extra energy in your next marathon, hike or gym work-out. To make things even better, Viter even offers 100% money back guarantee if for any reason you don’t like the Energy Mints, just return them and they will refund you every penny- that’s how confident they are in their product.

This product is made in the U.S. and each tin contains 20 minutes (the equivalent of about 10 whole cups of coffee). These energy mints are 0 calories, kosher, vegan, gluten-free, lactose and dairy-free, aspartame and sugar-free. Each mint contains 40mg of caffeine, Vitamin B-6, Folate, B-Vitamin complex of niacin and Vitamin B-12.

Viter Energy Mints come in two flavors: Wintergreen and Spearmint and are available in single tins, 6-pack (popular choice), or 1/2 LB bulk bags. Find it: here.


5. Energems Chocolate


CHOCOLATE! There we got your attention- and to sweeten things (pun-intended), Energem Chocolate is also laced with caffeine. Not only will these bite-size chocolate supplement you with energy- they taste absolutely delicious! These will give you a reason to skip the coffee line (saving you some time- and some good breath). Easily increase your focus, energy levels and concentration with a single serving. Each gem contains Vitamin-B, Vitamin D, L-Theanine, antioxidants and is only about 15 calories! 3 of these contain 133mg of caffeine – the equivalent of a large cup of coffee. One whole serving already contains 400 UI Vitamin D which is 100% of the recommended intake- so you get all your Vitamin D in one go. Chocolate definetly has to be somewhere on our list for Best Caffeine Snacks 2018.

Energem is committed to quality ingredients; they’re made in the USA, and contain no artificial flavours, colours or preservatives. They are hard-coated with the choice of three flavours: Dark Chocolate, Mint Dark Chocolate, and Berry Flavoured Dark Chocolate. Each bottle contains 21 Energems, that’s the equivalent to 7 large coffees. Find it: here.


6. Dry Brew Coffee Chews


If you’re addicted to getting your caffeine through coffee but just can’t stand that morning line, Dry Brew Coffee Chews got you covered. Before we go any further, the taste is definetly strong so we would recommend this to hardcore coffee lovers only. There is some light sweetener, but if you require sugar and some of that sweet stuff in your coffee- skip this. This was designed for coffee lovers with active lifestyles who are always on the go, no time to sit and sip. A whole 6 oz cup of coffee is condensed into a single coffee chew. This way you get with the same caffeine without missing out on the natural coffee flavour. What makes the bold taste so distinct is that Dry Brew holds a patent for Flavourful Waterless Coffee. They have a unique process of condensing the ingredients of a 6 oz cup of coffee into a chewable form.

To keep it real: Dry Brew uses three simple ingredients of conventional coffee: real coffee with natural caffeine, zero calorie sweetener and non-dairy cream. Every chew contains 35 calories and an eye-opening 65mg of naturally derived caffeine. Find it: here.




CLIF BLOKS is the official sports nutrition sponsor of The Ironman North American Series. That should say it all. If you’re looking to get the boost needed to make it through an all-nighter, a marathon, a triathlon or a heptathlon (yes-this actually exists),  CLIF BLOKS has you covered. These were made to please you taste buds, while delivering the energy you need to get achieve peak performance. What makes these special is that they were meticulously designed from packaging to its taste. CLIFS BLOKS easily fits into your pockets, not to mention backpack and is convenient to open so you can easily squeeze a cube out midway into your marathon.

Each SHOT BLOKS are made easy to chew with its semisolid design, packing only 33 calories while delivering energy to your body through carbohydrates. Each three-cube serving contains up to 50mg of caffeine (depending on the flavour). For the extra energy, the caffeinated flavours are orange (caffeine: 25mg), Tropical Punch (caffeine:25mg) and Black Cherry (green tea derived caffeine:50mg). The Black Cherry flavour also contains electrolytes to support proper muscle function, that way you won’t be cramping mid-way in your activities. To make things even better, CLIF BLOKS is made with organic ingredients. It’s recommended to take this 15-30 minutes prior to your activities in order to increase blood sugar levels, and then every 20-30 minutes to temporary maintain higher blood sugar levels.

SHOT BLOKS are available in a variety of flavours. Orange, Tropical Punch and notably, the popular Black Cherry flavour pack caffeine. This is the perfect energy food to pocket for endurance requiring activities such as hiking, cycling, marathons or sports. For those that don’t feel like chewing, CLIF has designed liquid gel SHOTS that you can easily and quickly take during your activities. You can check them out here (shots contain up to 100mg of caffeine):

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If you’re a diet hard coffee fan, you can check out these recipes. If you’re looking for natural caffeine source that’s not coffee, find a list here.

We hope you enjoyed our 7 Best Caffeine Snacks for Coffee Addicts [2018].

Best Game of Thrones Gifts for Fanatics 2017

If you’ve ever thought about what life might be like in Westeros, you’ve come to the right place! If you’re looking for the cure for Greyscale – not here (sorry King of the Friendzone- sir Jorah). BUT! If you’re looking for the best Game of Thrones gifts fanatics, especially for the upcoming season 7, you’ve indeed come to the right place!

But agree with us when we say this:

After seeing how some of our beloved characters died, if we had the chance to live in the savage, war-infested GoT world, it would probably be wise for us not to.

Luckily, you can bring some GoT in your life now without shedding blood. Here’s a list of the perfect gifts for any Game of Thrones fan (p.s. we saved the best for last):

16. Game of Thrones Season 1-6 Blu-ray



If you’re a hardcore fan- creme de la creme, this is for you. Feel and experience the thrill, gore, and violence of GoT in the comfort of your own home. Binge watch all seasons 1-6 again on Blu-ray, feel the thrill and sorrow of watching your favourite character die again or prevail. If you haven’t watched GoT yet- you need to start asap! It’s the best TV show for a reason!



15. Game of Thrones Book Set


If you’re unhappy with how some of the show trailed off from the book, have a read, sharpen your mind like Tyrion does. Maybe some of your characters will live in this universe- and you’ll probably meet some that’s never been mentioned on the show. This bestsellers includes A Game of Thrones, A Clash of Kings, A Storm of Swords, A Feast of Crows and A Dance with Dragons. As every single person who’s read the books would say: the books are always better than the TV show, right?



14. House Stark Tournament Banner


Alright, let’s be clear, if you’re a Arya or Sansa fan (or Jon Snow? ;)), rep up house stark with the Stark banner when you gather your friends over for the Season 7 premiere. Starks won’t be sitting on the Iron Throne without your support. This is the perfect gift to hang in your room or college dorm. You can also be a weather(wo)man by timing this gift for in autumn, jus sayin’. If you’re not a Stark fan but prefer to back your girl Cersei, here’s the Lannister Banner. Now if you’re all about Daenerys Stormborn, First of her Name.. Blah… blah Queen of Andals, Mother of Dragons (jeez imagine if she ordered Starbucks), here’s your Khaalesi’s Targaryen House Banner.



13. A Game of Thrones- The Board Game, 2nd Edition


Yes- a Game of Thrones board game actually exist, and this is one of the most popular. Okay, if you’ve ever played or enjoyed board games and you watch GoT; this is it! Invite up to 6 of your friends to claim the Iron Throne. Claim it through warfare, diplomacy and intrigue- if you’re a Cersei fan- or wannabe, you’ll probably choose the former.




12. Game of Thrones: The Trivia Game


How well do you know Game of Thrones? If you’re a real fan – you best have this and scoring 100% on the season 1-4 trivia. Who is Littlefinger and who does he really love? Who is the greatest swordsman in Westeros according to Jamie Lannister? How did Sandor Clegane get his scar? If you can’t answer these, relinquish your title as a hardcore fan as you know nothing.


11. Clue Game of Thrones Board Game


If you love CLUE and Game of Thrones: This is it! Treachery and betrayal runs well in Game of Thrones and also in this thrilling board game. Solve the mysteries in The Red Keep or in Mereen. Also.. Littlefinger has always seemed suspect- just sayin’.



10. Risk: Game of Thrones Board

RiskgameofthronesboardgamevoaIf you know how fun Risk is, and combine it with your favourite show, what do we get it? Blessing from the Old Gods and the New! Up to 7 players can attempt to claim the Iron Throne with their respective Noble House families. Will you be claiming the throne with the Targaryens or the Lannisters? Risk it all for the Iron Throne!



9. Game of Thrones Monopoly Collectors Board

monopolygameofthronesvoaCombine the home wrecking classic of Monopoly with some Game of Thrones and we get? Pure awesome! This is the elegant and unique edition of Monopoly, we get 6 oversized hand sculpted tokens (Yes- you can be a White Walker), also the tradition house and hotels of Westeros, community and chance cards renamed to The Iron Throne and Valar Morghulis AND some sweet Gold Dragon Themed money- Daenerys would be starstruck seeing these dollar bills.


8. 4D CityScape Game of Thrones Puzzle


This is a perfect gift for hardcore fans or newcomers to GRRM’s savage world.  Build yourself a 4D size of Westeros. You’ll get to explore King’s Landing to Winterfell and Casterly Rock, and much more. You can probably take into perspective how big Westeros is and maybe understand why Gendry is taking so long (or his sweet time rowing).




7. Game of Thrones Premium Glass


We are pretty sure you or your recipient can relate to this. Even better for hardcore Tyrion fans, “It’s What I Do, I Drink and I Know Things”. Every time someone gets killed in GoT, raise a glass- but learn from Joeffrey and check for poison before. If drinking wine or beer ain’t your thang, here are some sweet Game of Thrones themed coffee mug. Have your caffeine intake while repping House Targaryen or Stark.


6. Ice Letter Opener

gameofthronesiceclawletteropenervoaNed would be proud of you for choosing house Stark. To be fair this 9 inch mini replica is not made of Valyrian steel, so probably not the weapon when the white walkers are coming. However, it will give you a reason to open up your junk mail. Warning: Bills are coming!




5. LongClaw Letter Opener


Perfect desk accessory! Not the real version but you’ll receive 9 inches of pretend LongClaw. Open up your letter from Sam telling you all about his journey to the Citadel. And you can also name your letter opener, because lots of people name their swords.




4. AleHorn Hand of the King Bottle Opener


Ever wanted to be hand of the king? If you’re starting off GoT or watching Season 7, you’re gonna need some ale to help you through it. Pop off the cap like a King or Queen with this AleHorn Bottle Opener. With this you’re also Hand of The King and your next advice should be not to go wild boar hunting. If you’re opening bottles without this- you know nothing.





3. Funko POP Daenerys Figurine

POPdaenerysvoaIf you don’t collect Funko POPs, these are great excuses to start. Want Droggo as a pet dragon? Here’s your chance, and while you’re at it scoop up the mini cute version of Stormborn Queen Daeneris. If you’re not rooting for her to sit on The Throne, you can pick up the POP version of Cersei or the hinted Prince who was Promised Jon Snow. If you’re not into the stars, you can always pick up the King of the Friendzone: Jorah Mormont.



2. The Iron Throne Mini Desk Replica


If you can’t muster up an army bigger than Stannis’ but still want to sit on The Iron Throne, we found you a less bloody alternative. Here’s the mini 7″ version, of the sold-out 14″ version of the throne where Robert Baratheon used to chill. Any GoT fan would love to have this sitting on their desk or shelf. Please don’t actually try to sit on it though.



Obviously, we saved the Best Game of Thrones Gift sFor Last:


1. Game of Thrones: Dinner is Coming Grill Apron

DinneriscomingapronvoaWe are still in mid summer- so winter is not coming anytime soon. Gift this or rock it at your next barbecue to show GoT some love. Made with some premium cotton and adjustable strap and the Stark logo on it, you would definitely be King of the Grill- and your memorable line would be: Dinner is coming. Also it comes in cool packaging- just saying.












2017 Best Parent’s Day Gifts

Don’t worry, we didn’t know either that Parent’s Day is July 23. Here are the best products to give on Parent’s Day 2017.

We bet you’ve probably never noticed parent’s day, it’s coming up soon on July 23 this year in the U.S. You’re likely scrambling to look for gift ideas, don’t worry we’ve got you covered with 10 of the best parent’s day gifts.

We think you’ll agree when we say that our parents deserve the best, but our wallets also deserve some savings. So we made sure that all products are shareable and budget friendly!

Here’s the list of 2017 Best Parent’s Day Gifts below:

10. New Fire HD 8 Tablet 16 GB – Must Have for Parents

amazonfirevoaLet’s agree that every parent should have a tablet! Introduce your parents to the new generation of the best-reviewed Fire tablet which has up to 12 hours of battery life with 8″ HD display. It’s packed with Amazon’s very own Alexa that makes access to information and entertainment easy. They can ask questions, check their calendars, weather, play music, watch movies, TV shows and easy access to apps like Facebook, Netflix, Spotify and much more. If they’re prime members, they get unlimited access to over millions of songs, and over thousands of books and magazines. It’s available in 16GB or 32GB and has an expandable micro SD slot (you should probably just get them the 16GB and buy an extra micro SD memory).


9. Fitbit Charge 2 Heart Rate + Fitness Wristband– For Every Occasion

fitbit2voaExercising is important, for you and your parents, especially as they get older. Here is the most popular Fitbit and it comes with PurePulse technology which will continuously track steps, heart rate and daily calories burned. It will even provide real time data with the connected GPS during run mode. Even more interesting is that it will track how long they sleep and wakes them up silently with wrist vibration, replacing that old school loud alarm. Your parents will also be able to see calls, texts, and important calendar notifications through its OLED display. Gift them this so they can track their fitness goals and stay healthy.


8. Magic Bullet Blender, 11 Piece Set– Budget Friendly and Versatile

MagicbulletvoaIf you haven’t ever used one of these, you are missing out- and you should make sure your parents aren’t. This “magic” blender mixes, chops and blends incredibly well- not to mention fast. It comes with additional cups and lids and are top shelf dishwasher safe. Easy to use and clean, no buttons or complicated manuals to read. Just put any fruits, vegetables or recipes in the cup close it and press down into the magic bullet’s high torque power base. Comes with a 10 second recipes books (yes- it only takes 10 seconds to blend them). Perfect for summer smoothies and making guac.

7. Amazon Fire TV Streaming Media Player– Gamer Changer

amazonfiretvmediaplayervoaGive your parents a tech upgrade with the Amazon Fire TV. It supports 4K Ultra HD quality, and they can watch Amazon Video, Netflix, YouTube (all those funny cat videos) and more! They will enjoy over 15,000 apps, games and Alexa skills and can watch movies on HBO, NOW, Hulu and countless more! The Alexa voice remote allows them to just say “Play Game of Thrones”, or “Play their favourite song” or even order pizza with it. If they (or you) are prime members, they will get unlimited access to Prime Video which features thousands of movies and TV episodes at no extra cost. Watch them be amazed by this best-selling Amazon technology.


6. Aromatherapy Diffuser 400mL Ultrasonic Cool Mist – Two in One Gift

AromaTherapydiffuservoaThis is a two in one gift. The elegant vase-shape design paired with the classic wood grain finish makes this a masterpiece eye-catcher. Place it in the living room or on their nightstand. It’s super quiet, holds a 400mL capacity and has an excellent battery life (6-12 hours depending on the output setting). But that’s not all!, it has 4 timer settings (1 hour/ 3 hour/ 6 hour/ continuous) and if your parents forget- it has an auto shut off programmed into it. What will amaze mom and paps even more are the 7 soothing colour LED lights that will set a relaxing and calming atmosphere. The colours can be cycled on kept on a single one, and includes a dim and brighter setting. Lastly, this is super easy to use, add water and any relaxing essential oil and they are good to go!

5. Oral-B Pro 7000 Electric Tooth Brush – Most Daily Essential 

OralB7000ToothbrushvoaThis toothbrush is simply life changing. If you don’t have it yet- do yourself a favour and get one. Not only will your dentist thank you, but so will your teeth. If mom and paps don’t have this yet- they should receive it from you. It has real time feedback (so if they are pressing too hard on their teeth it will vibrate and show), the cross action brush provides a perfect clean with their angled bristles, it has 3D cleaning oscillates that pulsate and rotate to remove tough plaque. It has a rechargeable battery and 6 modes: Gum care, Daily Clean, Sensitive, Whitening, Tongue Cleaner and Deep Clean. Oh yah and you get a new cleaning buddy that will guide you to clean your 4 quadrants and smile bigger as you brush longer. Perfect gift for your parents as it comes with a few extra brushes so they can share. Easy to set up: Just open up the box, charge the toothbrush, stick the app tracker on a flat surface and they’re ready to go. Remember this: they got you your first toothbrush, so getting them this is the least you can do to repay them.

4. Kindle E-Reader – Editor’s Choice

Kindle Readervoa.pngPicture mom or dad using this on a relaxing weekend and sipping on some tea. You could even include their favourite books loaded into it so they don’t have to do it themselves (or most likely ask you to do it). With easy-to-use Kindle technology, your parents can hold thousands of books, from new releases to bestsellers, or to their favourite high school novel. The new design is lighter and thinner, comes in black or white and is easy on their eyes with a touchscreen anti-glare touchscreen display. With a single battery charge, this Kindle can last for weeks, so mom and paps won’t need to constantly stay near the charger. They can also try Kindle Unlimited free for 30 days, or if they (or you) are prime members, you read free with unlimited access to over a thousand titles.

3. Bose SoundLink Mini Speakers II– Best for Any Parent


What is mom and dad’s favourite song? If you don’t know these are perfect for you to let them give you a subtle hint by blasting out their fav jam! The deep bass in these mini bluetooth enabled speakers will ensure big crisp quality sound for the full listening experience. They’re wireless and built with an ultra compact design so mom and dad can rock anywhere they want and carries a lengthy 10 hour battery life when fully charged. Worried about set up? There’s a simple step by step voice over setup, so you won’t have to lecture your parents about any complicated tech stuff!

2. HoMedics Foot Massager– Most Affordable and Popular Foot Massager


As mom and paps gets older, walking is more straining on their muscles. This is by far one of the most popular foot massagers on Amazon. HoMedics Kneading Shiatsu Massager has 6 rotational head (3 on each feet) and 18 massage nodes to give them that extra relaxation. Turn on the soothing heat with a touch of a button. This is the perfect gift to show your appreciation for all your parent’s hard work. Your wallet and your parents will definetly thank you for it.

1. Click & Grow Indoor Smart Garden Kit– Most Thoughtful and Personalized

clickandgrowsmartgardenvoaI’m sure mom and dad love gardening and sometimes don’t have time for it. Click & Grow Indoor Smart Garden Kit allows them to do garden all year long. They can keep this on their kitchen counter or even in the living room. It is extremely easy to use, just fill in the water tank and plug it in. This Smart Garden uses a patented nano-soil technology which accelerates plant growth and gives the plant the right amount of water, PH and nutrients. If mom and paps aren’t feeling it, you have a 100% replacement warranty with the manufacturer and a 30-day money back guaranteed! That’s how confident Click & Grow is that you’ll find it will be the perfect gift for your parents!